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Orgone Home Shield
Orgone Home Shield

Orgone Nano Home Shield

Fill your living space or office with a of Stream Positive Life Energy 24/7 ! A Large Lemurian Seed Crystal, wrapped in a Scalar Wave Generating mobius coil is at the center of this Pulsed Orgone Transformer.

 The Orgone rich 15 Hz. pulse eminating from the unit allows the body's electrical system to "lock onto" the beneficial 15 Hz signal and ignore other distorted (Wifi, EMF, RF, Cell Phone) signals as they fade to background noise.

Nano Lemurian Technology is what makes the difference! An exponentially greater output of orgone is accomplished by the use of Magnetically aligned Nano Metal and Lemurian Seed Crystals reduced to Nano size, in the pulsed, orgone producing matrix material.

The difference is dramatic!

Mental Clarity, Emotional Poise, and Physical Stresss Relief in the presence of Wifi and EMF clutter normally destructive to the Body's Electrical/Nervous system. Indispensable to those with electrical sensitivities or who work or live in areas of high EMF/RF or electrosmog exposure.

A deep, undisturbed sleep state is easily achieved when one is not subjected to the unwanted influence of ambient EMF and microwave fields from Cell Towers, Wi-Fi, Erratic Fields from Wiring in the home, "Dirty" Electrical Spikes and Localized Geopathic Stress.

It is an extremely strong Radionics Machine as well.

A 24 k Gold , Brass, and Nano Metal Orgone Producing Matrix make this unit particularly attractive and potent. Amethyst crystals are visible, and a blue Kyanite Crystal (Known for Chakra Balancing Properties) is in the Gold Matrix Material.

The Mobius coil wrapped Lemurian Seed Crystal is Pulsed at 15 Hz by an attached frequency generator, producing Scalar Waves programmed with the Lemurian Frequencies inherent in this most unusual of crystals. The resulting Orgone Field is very beneficial to the Human Nervous System.

The unit comes with a Frequency Generator and Regulated Power Supply to operate on110 Volt wall current and is designed to run 24/7 for many years, trouble free.

To view photographs of this type of tool's positive effects on the Human Aura.

see :

This unit incorperates the new Nano Lemurian Technology, making it one of the most powerful Orgone Field Producing tools available.

For more information on Nano Lemurian Technology click here:

Price: $495.00
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22 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 (Show All)

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A wonderful treasure~

- 03/28/2019

I got one of the options for this device. I really like it even more. I'm in love ... This is done perfectly well. Very easy to use. Sleeping at night is the first thing that was noted as a change. Dreams became deep, bright. I live in a big city, organized by numerous wave emitters. Therefore, I turn on this device as often as possible through a 9V battery in order to free up space and bring myself to a normal state. I see that it works, if only because there are many flowers in the room, and they react sensitively to the presence of the device: they turn the foliage in the direction where it stands.
Also, I feel much peacefull. Nervous become calm. Empty worries are going away. The inner Peace - what can be more important?
Dennis, Lena, thank you for a wonderful treasure.

Great Device

- 08/14/2017

The Home Shield is great. For the first time in years I am able to sleep through the night and feel rested the next day.

First experience of Orgone...Wow!

- 01/11/2017

Its taken me almost a whole year to get around to this review, wanted to get a feel for the effects of this beautiful device in my home. All other reviews gave great praise and I wholly agree, really wonderful to receive one of these crafted energy generators. The gifts were also lovingly received, thank you so much for my 1st experience of the power of orgone....Wow!

Wonderful buy, money well-spent!

- 02/07/2016

Hi Dennis,

Just want to thank you and express my appreciation for your products. This thing is amazing! I will introduce your products to my friends and be a returning customer again.

Fantastic piece of pure magic!

- 04/28/2015

Me and my friend ordered one of these babies about 10 months ago. Our lifes has been dramatically changed to the better. Can't say for sure it was because of the Home Shield, but the timing when things started happening are close!
When people visit me they almost always has something to say about the peace they feel in my apartment! I sleep next to it and will continue to do so, for sure! LOVE IT!

Thank you!!

Dennis and Lena


- 11/21/2014

You have given me a pearl beyond price. She's amazing.

Sorry I can only give it 5 stars! I'd give it 10 if I could.


OMG this is a MIRACLE!!!!

- 07/21/2014

ok, i had just moved to a location with smart meters everywhere and i seriously could not even sleep or feel sane in my home. i tried everything from microwave absorbers, tb's and hhg's but nothing was getting through the debilitating frequencies pounding me 24/7 UNTIL, i received this miracle genius device. omg, it seriously transformed my home in 1 day!!!!!!!!!!! even my cat noticed the difference and loves being around it. thank you so much sensei and lena. i am now a happy camper!!!!!! :)

Beautiful energy

- 05/28/2013

Thank you Sensei for taking the time to make this beautiful energy piece and for all the amazing extras!

After plugging it in for an hour, I felt ecstatic and so positive about everything. I felt very present, music was so delightful to hear.

When I put my hand close to it, I can feel cleansing energy radiating from it. I feel my room is cleaner, the emf has definitely been unnoticeable. I can draw positive energy every time I intentionally put my hand over it.

It's also a beautiful work of art. I definitely had my "WOW" moment when I first opened it.

Definitely worth it :) Thank you.

Form and function meet in an esthetically pleasing package.

- 10/10/2012

I received the Home Shield yesterday. Now I know why people use words like "Wow" to describe what it's like just to open the box. First of all, I was delighted to find that the package contained some extra items--including two small "Easter Island" heads. More on that later, since I quickly set to unwrapping the Home Shield. I kid you not, even before I had gotten the bubblewrap off, I felt the flow of a very powerful energy. By the time I had carried the device into the bedroom and plugged it in, it actually felt as if my body was vibrating at an extremely high rate. I also felt euphoric, almost giddy--so much so that I decided to take the dog for a walk. By the time I got back (about 1/2 hour later), I had calmed down enough to distribute a couple of the extra items around the house. Interestingly, through the course of the next couple of hours, I found myself in the bedroom quite often, and I was conscious of wanting to be near the device. In fact, I decided to move it more into the main living space where we spend much of the time. A day later, I seem to have completely adjusted to the energy, which at this point I would describe as very calm, peaceful, and harmonious. As a side note: today I had one of the "Easter Island" heads (which are mainly intended to block EMF from computer screens) in my pocket when I went to the grocery store. Amazingly, several people talked to me as I went about the aisles. On at least three occasions people kindly made me aware of their presence so that I would not bump into them. They rarely ever act so kindly in that store! I'll try to write more reviews or post comments as things develop. I have an order in for the Power Wand... Thanks!!

Wondrous device!

- 05/20/2012

As soon as I fired this unit up a subtle but overwhelming sensation was present, it was not long till I started to accumulate to the new field of energy that was emitting from the device and the outcome was exactly as described.

The people in my house now seem to be more calmer now than before, it's so much peaceful and tranquil.

Later that night I had deep goodnight sleep that I remember having when I was a kid, dreams have become more lucid.

It's well worth the investment that I've made and I highly recommend this product.

Also thanks for the generous extras that you have included :)

Healing experience

- 05/06/2012

Hi Dennis
This is a wonderful healing tool! The energy emitted is quite strong. When I first turned the unit on I felt a bit light headed and had to go for a walk. Afterwards my body got used to it very quickly. I placed the unit in my bedroom and have been sleeping with the unit on all night. I feel more energetic, alive and my digestive problems seem to have completely disappeared. Thank you for your great work and for making it available.


- 04/08/2012

I love it I got it, plugged it in at home and chemtrails outside went away within 30 minutes. I also slept like a baby and had more energy than normal :) Thanks for all the extras as well I really appreciate it and I'm gonna put in another order soon !!

If you can afford it - BUY IT!

- 04/08/2012

I bought the Home-Shield almost 3 years ago after researching the best way to protect my Family and Home from EMF's, Radionix and other Frequency altering devices. Immediately after plugging it in the entire Family FELT IT!-- and we knew we had made a good purchase. Since then we added a new baby and my first born is 4. Words will not easily explain what kind of environment this creates for CHILDREN to GROW and DEVELOP. Thoughts and Emotions are enhanced greatly so this is obviously a tricky one to manage when a Kid wants to be a "Kid" but more importantly without a doubt it has/does benefit them (daily). We have gone through many challenges but after all we remain close and supportive of one another. Btw, when I fall asleep next to it, I have the most vivid dreams in my life and wake up refreshed. I have purchased other products such as HHG's and TB's and can 100% vouch for Sensei Dennis creations. A suggestion I would offer all; 1-keep the Home-Shield in the room that the Family spends most time collectively. 2- Gift your perimeter out side of your home and then open up the diameter creating a HUGE Force-Field surrounding your home. I have even gifted cell towers up to 5 miles Diameter of my Home. I have recently been thinking of ordering more to gift another 15-20 miles of diameter. (Orgonite can be placed in strategic places to create a GRID) - 3. If possible, bury in soil every piece of orgonite when gifting. Mother Earth amplifies her Natural Schumann resonance wave of about 7Hz through the Orgonite. (She will LOVE YOU)- Finally... 4. THINK/FEEL LOVING THOUGHTS/EMOTIONS! -- We are Eternally Grateful and Appreciative of Sensei Dennis and of his LOVE to all fellow HUman BEings. NAMASTEEN LAK 'ECH

Absolutely Amazing

- 03/21/2012

Your orgonite products are mind-blowing, Dennis. The Home Shield being no exception. The energy it generates is incredibly-soothing, effective, and powerful. I can easily feel the atmospheric difference within my living space. The collective mood of the occupants living in my house has improved a great deal. I've also been sleeping a lot better. It is beyond evident that you put a great deal of love, care, and hard work into everything you create. Thanks a lot for the extras, too. Very generous of you. I appreciate it.

Wonderful Invention-Invigorating

- 02/12/2012

This is a work of art that is not only pleasing to the eyes, but pleasing to the body. I could feel the positive healing effects not long after charging it up. It is certainly worth every penny.


- 12/27/2011

Thank you for this wonderful item! Worth every penny. What incredible liberation of energy! Just, wow!

It's also worth noting that I was recently thinking about a bismuth crystal that I had as a child and how much I loved it. Lo and behold, you added a bismuth crystal in the pyramid!

Happy Machine

- 11/04/2011

I just got this yesterday and all I can say is the atmosphere inside my home now seems magical; there's just a happiness in the air that seems to permeate everything. It seems to have really cleaned up and removed the electromagnetic energy; maybe we've just forgotten what it feels like to just feel normal,because this is what I remember feeling like as a child. Sensei Dennis is really on to something with this.

five stars

- 03/16/2011

I just got this in today. It is amazing, I am speechless with how I feel and the energy it has. I am very sensitive to all kinds of energy and when I got it, I felt its energy right away. As soon as I plugged it into the wall. WOW, the energy I felt was off the charts. I have ordered many products in the past and Dennis Sensei is an amazing person and the products he makes and designs are one of a kind. Thank you Dennis Sensei for the affordable prices you put on your products and the energy and love.

Thank you

- 03/06/2011

Thanks Dennis, you are very talented and can help many Families with your amazing organite and heal our World. Keep on doing your best and you will provide many Happy Customers.God Bless, Caroline & Robert Norman

five stars

- 12/07/2010

This device is a must for energy-sensitives in my opinion. It puts al my other orgone devices to shame, and I have plenty. Probably this is thanks to the fact that it is the crystal that is powered in the dense nano matrix, and the gold.. Powered orgonite is the way to go! Best to describe what is coming out of this device is a warm, gentle Light. Also, the craftsmanship is of very high skill. I would rather have given this 6/5 or even a 7/5 as there is no other such item on the planet.

five stars

- 06/22/2010

I must say, SenseiDennis made incredible strides in orgonite. I have been around/known about orgonite for only 1 year. I have the SenseiPendant/HHG/TB's/HHG as well as the Nano-Shield. And I too, thought that I would not notice a difference with the new Home Shield. I was wrong. I recently went on a road trip with my mother. We drove from San Francisco to North, North-East Wa. I drove back, alone. I got home on a Friday, and there was my package from Sensei. I plugged in the home shield in my bedroom and my headache went away.


- 03/20/2010

Thanks Dennis for creating such a beautiful and effective home shield device! I have been experimenting with Orgone for a couple months with great results I figured i would buy this home shield due to the fact the technology was more advanced then my current orgone products but I was thinking i would not notice much of a change in positive life energy since i am now use to orgone energy producing products ,But Boy was i WRONG. Even considering i previously used orgone products i still notice

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