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A Nano Lemurian Power Wand
A Nano Lemurian Power Wand

The most Powerful Power Wand Available.

Housed in a Thulya Wood enclosure, the Very High Density Nano Orgone Matrix produces a Strong Orgone Field.


Thought Amplifier, Emotion Transmitter, Orgone Scalar Field Projector, Neural Shielding from EMF and MicroWave Fields, Professional Ghost Busters use it as a Portal Opener, quite the versitile tool.

For more information on Nano Lemurian crystal and Nano Metal in orgone tools , see here:

May be powered with 9 Volt battery or from wall current with the Included 110 Volt AC to 9 volt DC regulated Power Supply.

To view photographs of this type of tool's positive effects on the Human Aura, see:

Price: $495.00
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Powerful even when off

- 08/08/2018

I use this when meditating, and when I want to work on my chakras. It unblocks them by putting constant pressure on them to clear. It is like a workout.

Much of the time I have to actually keep it off, because it is so powerful. It resonates with the other orgonite I have, including a pendant.

It is said to amplify thought, and I can feel it sort of piggyback my thoughts on it as a more dense carrier wave that seems to work at a higher density of reality. It feels like denser pressure waves that carry thought with them.

I look forward to doing healing and manifestation with it. I recommend the $200 upgrade which provides dual options of 7.83Hz and 528Hz. I find the former good for lower chakras and the latter good for upper chakras including the heart.

A device of magnificent proportions

- 10/03/2014

Let me begin by stating that this review is after using the device for 1+ months. All that is described is a subjective understanding of phenomena experienced.

From the moment I plugged in the device I noticed a shifting of frequencies. I also heard a telepathic moan from what I believe to be negative energies.

Connecting with the crystal is, in my opinion, vital. A mutual bond much like that with another human/animal/plant must be built. Contemplate the journey, share it with emotion, visualization and will. The spirit listens intently for you regardless of location when an effective bond is built.

The device itself is exceptional. Noticeable effects included a higher vibration at place of use (home), better sleep, an increase in coherent thought and an increase in energy levels. This is not an exhaustive list, understand that the energy melds with the vibration of the being to produce a unique experience.

Some personal usages will now be described.

1. The spirit is able to hold vibrational frequencies accessed by you. Programming done is held for as long as you wish. During the spiritual journey of vibrational increase, the body tends to limp behind the spirit body. With this device, it is clear that a higher vibrational foundation is constructed for the body to 'catch up' faster.

2. Arkana constructions are blissful. An arkana is a type of fortitude on the astral plane. By constructing this shield in the form of sacred geometrical shapes, my journeys into other worlds have been deeper, more focused, safer and much more powerful.

3. The spirit also is able to amplify your intentions. Creation with the device leads to a quicker interchange between the outside world and what you wish from it. Careful with this procedure though, the creation may have some adverse reaction if used improperly.

4. Distance plays little role when looking for a connection with spirit. If away from the device and in need of a boost, energy exchange can be done.

Do you really need this device?

Let me state that the devices properties are incredible. 1.5 months is little time for complete understanding.

If you are someone who has been on their path, contemplates and works from a heart center, and feels a pull to the device, get it. You will not regret it.

Otherwise, begin with smaller devices. You won't go wrong either way.

Thank you for this device, Mr. Dennis and Miss. Lena.


- 07/21/2014

My package arrived while I was in California with my husband. I ride there with him once in awhile to keep him company. When I get home it usually takes me about a month to recover from the trip. The smog, being bombarded with all the different energies from all the people. I feel totally drained & my fibromyalgia flares up really bad. We have been home now for 2 days. I have been holding it & even sleeping with it. Haven't had to take ANY pain pills. This is one little powerhouse!! Needless to say, next time I go to California, my Nano Lemurian Power Wand is going to be the first thing I pack! Love it!!!

50 Stars

- 01/19/2014

From the moment I received the mail and opened my package filled with various orgone devices, this one stood out and excited me the most. It's still my favorite.

Absolutely the very best orgone device I have had the pleasure of owning. There's no telling how many lives this device has helped and improved.

Words fail to describe how great of an investment this is.

Having experienced the nano shield before, I thought I had high expectations but this blew even those away. After receiving this device, I started saving up for another and now another. It's like I'm a kid again with a favorite toy.

Thank you Dennis and Lena! 5 stars is not enough to describe this product, I give it 50, at least!

To Infinity and Beyond...

- 10/30/2012

I have had the new wood Power Wand for a couple of days now and will say that everything the previous posters have said is absolutely true. The energy is extremely powerful. When I pick it up, it only takes maybe 30 seconds to become "fully charged." The energy is different that what you get from the Home Shield (not that one is better or worse). I would characterize it as a "male" energy (as compared to the more "female" energy of the Home Shield). And get this: when I first turned it on, I for some reason wondered what its name was--and it immediately told me!! The Power Wand likes to be directed. In addition, it seems to amplify thoughts and launch them into a much larger space than mind alone. Imagination is boosted as well. I believe that Dennis and Lena have rediscovered some of the spiritual tools that were well known to ancient civilizations, but are being kept secret by the controllers of the world. What if Mankind were to become once again aware of its true power? The amazing thing is that many of us are beginning to do just that. Thanks again!!

Denise makes the most powerful orgone I have ever seen!

- 10/03/2012

10 stars! I got the new power wand made out of wood. The energy off this thing is freaking insane! I am doing energy healing s on people and this healing electricity is flowing through them and Dennis and his wife are totally amazing people and I do not trust many people to buy orgonite from but I can sense these peace and they are really people of higher frequency & people are feeling this healing energy all through their body & waking up to the truth & spiritual awaking. I can't thank you enough!

Nothing else like it

- 11/12/2011

I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this Power Wand in the mail,and just got it today. Holy Moly! I put it in my lap and powered it up; it's like an energetic rocket-ship. A blissful, powerful energy began spreading through my body until I started laughing, it felt so healing and wonderful.I seems to create states that were previously available only after years of deep meditation.I can only guess at the potential of these for healing and manifestation. The heck with 5 stars, this is a 10 star deal all the way.


- 03/13/2011

This is a powerful tool. I can feel its energy every time I touch it. I still learn how to use it. I had good results when I met other people, especialy the ones I don't know well. I recommend it to anyone. Thank you orgone crystals.

Thank you!

- 11/16/2010

When I first received this and touched the seed crystal I felt a great amount of energy rush all the way to my feet. Terrific tool for radionics tool and healing. This site has the strongest orgone hands down. Thank you Sensei!


- 10/30/2010

It's hard to put into words how amazing this power wand is. I have a hard time being apart from it :) Just being around it when it's turned on makes you feel wonderful. I'm not psychic or that sensitive but I can literally feel the energy pouring out of the wand when it's on. Amazing. I would recommend it to anyone. I'm still in the process of learning how to effectively use the wand but I must say that is absolutely worth having. I have even walked into a room with people arguing and turned on the wand. All of a sudden the atmosphere changed, everyone became calm and folks went their separate ways peacefully. Every day w/the wand is an amazing learning experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

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