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15 Hz. NanoOrgone Zapper/Frequency Generator & Wrist Electrodes
15 Hz. NanoOrgone Zapper/Frequency Generator & Wrist Electrodes

15 Hz. Nano Orgone Zapper/Frequency Generator with Wrist Electrodes

With attached Nano Lemurian Orgone unit.

A great Orgone Zapper at a very affordable price !

Price: $44.00
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9V Spiritual Caffeine

- 10/16/2014

I just got my Zapper and tried it out. To begin with I had a few small pieces of Orgonite on me (don't leave home without it) and I placed the elastic straps over my feet and on to each ankle. As soon I hooked up a 9V battery my aura jumped to attention and I experienced a sort of energized alertness. I went upstairs and got on YouTube and put on a Shumann resonance video audio track and then sat in front of my big Orgonite/crystal global meditation device. It just launched me into a powerful meditation in minutes. I felt that if I would continue then eventually I could have great powerful spiritual experience. Immediately before receiving the zapper my body pain was starting to build up and I had no intention of meditating until later in the day, perhaps until the sun went down like the previous day's scenario.
This device has already exceeded my expectations and after 20 minutes I stopped. My body pain had lessened substantially (considerable arthritus added to Ascension symptoms) and I felt that when you combine this device and place Orgonite and a crystal next to it and Orgonite and a crystal on your body then anything good can and will happen. The device also comes with a small piece of Orgonite attached to it.

great product

- 05/17/2014

I just got my package today. I am buzzing right now!! Thank you for the extra goodies, they were a pleasant surprise>

Very strong

- 03/11/2013

This zapper is much more powerful than a different model I was using. Packs all the punch I was hoping for and is effectively ending all the internal negativity I was burdened with, thank you!

Good Zapping vibes!

- 05/25/2012

I have been zapping overnight with this unit. I am feeling lighter, more alive, clear minded. They are actually comfortable and I can wear them on my feet all night and still sleep well.

It works!

- 12/21/2011

Well literally had it on for 5 mins buzzing big time!! I'm charged up! ha


- 04/29/2011

I'll admit I was a skeptic at first ,but now that I have the zapper on I felt a 360 turn in my mood... Amazing product... I still have yet to see what the long term effects are ,but so far so good...I will be ordering from you guys in the near future...


- 10/04/2010

I just got this and it does what it says. Dennis was helpful and I have a good alkaline amount in me. So no burning sensations on the electrodes. I also connected it to the succor punch and manifested something that same day i kid you not. I was meditating for about 1 an a half in my copper pyramid with this and the succor punch. Later that night i got the results i was meditating for. It manifested. This was something i was dealing with for over a year now. This also made me feel great. Thanks for the extra pyramid Sensei.


- 10/25/2009

Thank you Sensei for that excellent product. The same day I felt an improvement to my health and my moods. Warm healing energy filled my body and soul. The next day till today my life has been changed and improved. I have better and deeper sleep, more energy during the day,I have no stress and anxiety, ups and downs as before,I am more calm, relaxed and finally happy thanks to your excellent zapper. I will order some more for my family and parents. I will always be thankful to you. THANK YOU AGAIN, Be well,Nick


- 08/02/2009

Why pay more for all those other zappers when this gets the job done. You really cant beat the price. As soon as you put it on you can feel the healing energy overcome you. Feels like your body is vibrating really high. You know as the higher the body vibrates ..all those nasty things in your body cant take it and simply move out. :) This is a great alternative healing device.


- 07/29/2009

I did my research for a month and this is what I discovered after ordering from this site---rn1-Best price on the Internetrn2-Best quality product on the Internet (absolutely NO OTHER Zappers can compare in excellence of design and usability)rn3-Excellent customer service dedicated to customer satisfactionrn4-Very rapid turnaround from order to receipt of productsrnI've gotta say, this is site is the real deal! Buy with confidence. I'm glad I did!!


- 06/05/2009

Been zapping on this puppy for almost a week now and have never felt better. Very easy to carry around. I wear the straps around my ankles and zap at work!

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