A+ The World's Best Orgonite Pendant ! 24 K Gold, Nano Shungite, 5G Protection

A superior, evolved orgonite pendant made of a high density formulation of 24 K gold,nano gold and elite/noble shungite. A superior, subtle orgone field and 5G protection.



Setting out to make the best Orgonite Pendant in the World without regard to cost of materials or the time involved in production, keeping an eye specifically toward 5G protection, is much easier after 17 years of experience making orgonite pendants. You can see some of my work over the years here.


Much of the work in the use of pendant metals and nano metals for increased surface area has been guided by the continuing study of Kirlian images of metals and nano metals captured by our own equipment.


There is something almost interactive, unusual and quite magical about orgonite made with 24K Gold in a high density configuration. Surrounding and adorning Kings, Queens, Emperors and Pharaohs throughout recorded history for good reason. The fire energy of the gold Kirlian photographic sample shows in the High Frequency image like none of the others. In addition to the, one of a kind, shaped Elite/Noble Shungite Crystal in the center of the face (each crystal fractures differently), there is a Shungite “Lens” hidden between the gold layers for increased 5G performance. Read more about Lens here.


A superior, evolved orgonite pendant made of a high density formulation of 24 K gold, nano gold, a Lemurian quartz crystal and an elite/noble shungite whole crystal in the face  and Noble Shungite Lenses hidden between the gold layers. Emanates a remarkable, subtle orgone field offering individual 5G protection.

For over a decade, users of All Gold Orgonite Pendants, have consistently used the same words to describe the field emitted by Gold Orgonite Pendants as bubbly, joyous, creative, soft and Living. These are people who have been wearing them daily, some for 6 to 10 years.

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