Brazil Quartz Crystals, 1/2 Lbs. Medium

1/2  Lbs. of Quartz Crystals From Brazil. 1 to 2 inches in length, approximately 15+ crystals per 1/2 Lbs.

Excellent Crystals for all orgone devices.

Ideal for HHGs and Tower Busters.



1/2 Lbs. of Quartz Crystals From Brazil. 1 to 2 inches in length, approximately 15+ crystals per 1/2 Lbs.

Excellent Crystals for all orgone devices.

Ideal for HHGs and Tower Busters.

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Weight 1 lbs

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  1. Dalia (verified owner)

    Great product and great Price

  2. michaelchristopherellis86 (verified owner)

    Great high-quality specimens that make the orgonite I create top of the line. Best price I’ve found anywhere on the net for crystals that I can be sure are genuine and won’t have any blemishes or chips. They look great in my pyramid capstones with copper coils wrapped around them! Also, always surprised by the little something extra I get in my orders. 🙂

  3. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    bedebehjebbits – 03/23/2010

    Another very satisfied customer, just got my shipment today, which was very fast, gratuitous and of high quality. also Dennis was very communicative in working with mhy personal situation. you rock Sensei Dennis!

  4. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    AR in Sweden – 04/27/2010

    This was a great buy, i will make alot of orgonite with this. Also got one piece in this lot that got very dear to me.And thanks for the extras, it was alot!

  5. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    masine – 05/16/2010

    nice crystals feels very good and very good clarity too. nice amount of crystals! i am satisfied from this order, cause if i was not, i wouldn’t have write to you back and thank you for it! and also for the pleasant surprise. you rock Dennis!

  6. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    HD – 09/08/2010

    Received the crystals. Great quality, and quantity! Thank you so much for the extras that were thrown in 🙂 Will be purchasing again soon.

  7. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    sean mcnamara – 10/18/2010

    Excellent crystals just got them today,very happy with them! Thanks for the extras too 😀 Will definatly shop here again!

  8. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Zuleyka Castro – 10/20/2010

    Hi Dennis, I just got the crystals today im really happy with them and the lil gifts too thank u so much my hole family were in love with them so I had to give them away i only got one for my self lol. But well this will be my first pour so lets see how it goes Im deffenetly coming back to get some more. Hugs of light!!! Zully

  9. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    jacquot – 11/22/2010

    I ordered these crystals and also double terminated; and I’m very satisfied for the quality and price, tanks. A big thank also for the extras, it’s nice. I will be ordering from you again.

  10. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    ceezy – 02/11/2011

    Very nice crystals, a little less than fifty but i got some really good size ones, like realy good size, thanks for the extras sensei, one of my orgonite pieces was extra nice, i gave it to my litttle brother, thank you! will order again

  11. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    BrianK – 04/05/2011

    For all Orgonite (POG) makers out there on Earth, this is a great place for Quartz Crystals. I advise two 1 Lbs bags of Brazilian Quartz per 42 Puck size generator Batches! Easy, simple, and they are fast! Plus, they throw in samples which give you a taste of bigger of different types of crystals. Totally cool, go for it! Brian

  12. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Harisonaris – 10/06/2011

    Hi mars Hills!! :-p very nice crystals,with the best price i have ever research!Thanks a lot for the REDBACK gift!ha-ha it was very fun and clever :-),i enjoyed it very much(a special the black tourmaline!i was surprised positive!).Your gift orgonites are very nice energy,and indeed are heavy!a little less than fifty but i got some really good size ones(2 lbs 50 piece aprox).I will buy again,as soon as posiible!Thanks a lot ,and be well!!:-)))…

  13. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Great buy

    Mrclick – 10/22/2011

    Best deal on the internet, especially if you are looking for a ton of good sized crystals for Tower Busters. I got 54 crystals and 2 small bonus orgonite devices. I will definatly be buying orgonite supplies here again.

  14. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    MentalExpansion – 10/31/2011

    They came the day before my good friend left for equador, thank you so much for the 2 hhg freebies you threw in. He was hassled by the tsa at the nashville airport though cause it set off the alarms and he refused the body scanners. Thanks again Dennis, good energy from brazil. -Justin

  15. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    all i can say is ‘WOW!’

    onetruth – 11/02/2011

    Shipped in one week. Most of my crystals were at least 1.5 inches, some I think are pushing 3 inches. I didnt count but there are way more than 40 in the bag. Received two freebies–two muffin-sized ELF tower busters. Couldn’t have been happier doing business with these guys. Will definately be ordering from them again.

  16. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    I am HAPPY! 🙂

    Lightw0rker777 – 02/10/2012

    Thank you sensei I am very happy with my order, it is just what I needed for spreading the LOVE! & those 2 TB’s are AWESOME! Thanx 4 the gift! 😀

  17. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Great sized pieces!

    Joe – 03/09/2012

    My box of goodies came today! Got my crystals and metals with a bag of awesome extras. There are very few crystals in the bag that are actually in the 1 inch range…most are close 2 or more :). Will be ordering from here again, and again, and probably a few more times 🙂

  18. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Beautiful and Effective

    Eleven_Eleven – 04/12/2012

    Thanks again for these powerful, versatile and beautiful crystals. I have used them to make TBs and HHGs. Always plenty for a number of orgonite creations. And, of course, the extras are always pleasing.

  19. SenseiAdmin (store manager)


    OrgoneKitty – 06/26/2012

    You shouldn’t go anywhere else for a pound of crystals but here! Look no further, these crystals are worth it for the very cheap asking price! I have made about 9 TBs and I still have more than half the bag left!

  20. SenseiAdmin (store manager)


    Bobby – 07/27/2012

    The crystals were in excellent condition and the extras were fantastic. I will be ordering from them again soon.

  21. SenseiAdmin (store manager)


    Allspice – 10/29/2012

    Very surprised by the amount that I received. I thought the crystals would be tiny, but they were larger than expected, and so many of them! You will not find a better deal on crystals than Go ahead, search the internet, then come back here for the real deal. On a side note, I am so grateful for the Dravite tourmaline that was given to me free! It’s one of my favorite crystals. Ahh, so soothing. How did you know? Thank you as well for the TB’s :)You put a big smile on my face.

  22. SenseiAdmin (store manager)


    Frozenfire – 04/16/2013

    Amazing, absolutely love these crystals, spend the extra money and get the brazil quartz you won’t be disappointed! Fast shipping even to Canada, Thank you!

  23. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Even to Holland

    Esteban – 06/18/2013

    Thanks for the crystals! they arived this morning and I was positive suprised whit the amount of crystals and of course the gifts. They are really worth the money, even if they have to be shipped to Holland.

    Thanks for everything! and i will be back soon 😀

  24. SenseiAdmin (store manager)


    Seb – 06/27/2013

    I just bought these along with other crystals, sooo worth it! These are nice sized crystal quartz, I am so happy I got them. Also amazing extras! I definitely recommend and will continue to purchase from here for all my future orgonite projects. Just another great purchase!

    Thank you Sensei from Canada!

  25. SenseiAdmin (store manager)


    Bryson&Brenna – 10/24/2014

    Perfect size, quantity, and energy is supreme can’t go wrong here.!.

  26. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Worth it, packed well, pleasant

    The Allies of Humanity Briefings reader – 11/06/2014

    I just recently got ready to use these.
    They were packed well & protectively. They were shipped readily, as always.
    They are wonderfully sized pieces. They are large, thick & I am glad to have them in there, ready to work & to serve my constructive intentions & efforts. I wish I would have ordered triple what I did. That being said, they have not increased in price, and this was years ago now. and the chance of selection at getting affordable bulk crystals has grown, not to mention the metal, while the price has not. A blessing, one from their heart to me.

    Lena & Sensei offer quality & community pretty humbly, in a relaxed manner. Their attitude & essence is real & what they make is real. This is what I felt I got in getting to this bundle: a boost & a step to take, a strong wind at my back to move with support, and less weight in my backpack in life. Inward and up the Mountain of life we go. Namaste.

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