A Nano Lemurian Protector Pendant (Sensei's Pendant)

Nano Lemurian Protector Pendant Tapered

An Impressive Advancement in Orgone Pendant Technology. Constructed with A whole Lemurian Seed Crystal 24K Gold, Copper, Blue Kyanite Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Nano Metal that has been Magnetically Aligned, Nano Lemurian Crystals Structured by Lakhovsky Plasma Beam Tube Technology.

Superior Personal EMF Protection, and Psy Enhancement. To read about the development of this unusual technology, click here:

http://www.warriormatrix.com/viewtopic.php?t=5400 Nano Pendant



Nano Lemurian Protector Pendant Tapered

An Impressive Advancement in Orgone Pendant Technology. Constructed with A whole Lemurian Seed Crystal 24K Gold, Copper, Blue Kyanite Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Nano Metal that has been Magnetically Aligned, Nano Lemurian Crystals Structured by Lakhovsky Plasma Beam Tube Technology.

Superior Personal EMF Protection, and Psy Enhancement. To read about the development of this unusual technology, click here:

http://www.warriormatrix.com/viewtopic.php?t=5400 Nano Pendant

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Weight .5 lbs

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  1. Yomiki (verified owner)

    I originally ordered a regular Nano Lemurian Protector Pendant during the Christmas 2020 period but Sensei was kind enough to upgrade my pendant to a World’s Best Orgonite Pendant for no additional cost as a Christmas gift of sorts which was very generous and the best thing that happen to me in all of 2020.

    It took some time to arrive due to the Christmas period+lockdown delays no doubt, but I have now worn it for a week and so far all my EMF related symptoms have been reduced significantly, in some cases some of the symptoms like headaches don’t even happen anymore. When I first put on the pendant there seemed to be a short adjustment period where my body and the pendant were getting used to each other, it only lasted for maybe 30 mins, I felt a little off balance but after that everything felt great.

    One of the first things I noticed was a cooling sensation on my eyes almost like they were being moisturized, my feeling is that due to being in such a high EMF environment for so long my eyes were effectively being cooked by all the EMF radiation due to being such a sensitive part of the body and as such, they were the first part I noticed the effects of the pendant kicking in. This is further backed up by the fact that my eyelids for the longest time have always had the top layer of skin very reddish/peeling off and in a few days of wearing the pendant that skin healed back and no longer peels off I also had this problem around my neck area and the skin has also healed there as well as having less coughing/mucus buildup.

    My sleeping has also improved, I can sleep and awaken much easier and not feel like death in the morning I no longer get random moments where I struggle to breath, which tended to happen during sleep and caused me to wake up gasping for air. It is known that 5G exposure interferes with the transfer of oxygen in the blood, I believe even regular wifi/4G exposure in large enough amounts from multiple overlapping sources such as many routers/phones/”smart” devices can also cause the same issue.

    There’s probably more things I’m forgetting to include and maybe more beneficial things will happen so I’ll make more posts in this thread if I think of things to write. Thanks a lot for this pendant Sensei it may prove to be a life saver in these times.

    May write more about it in the future in this thread

  2. Eugene Peterside (verified owner)

    This is an amazing pendant! Much stronger than my old orgonite, and I felt the effects right away! Thank you for including the tower buster and extra crystal as well! I can definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to boost their energy levels or avoid harmful EMF waves!

  3. damien b. (verified owner)

    Magnifique et merci pour le cadeau sensei .

  4. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    One is not enough…

    Mato – 06/12/2014

    I am experienced nano pendant user, I have just four πŸ™‚
    The Best in every way, I am repeating – the best! I dont care about design so much because I wear it under my shirt, but those are beauties for sure. And the technology is top notch, nano technology, lemurians, gold, etc.
    And they are made with love I am convinced, I dont know the makers (D and L) personally but I feel good vibe from them.

    Lena, Dennis, thank you very much for your products!

  5. SenseiAdmin (store manager)


    Jessica – 06/25/2014

    This is my first orgonite piece and I wasn’t sure what to expect, or if I should really expect anything. My nerves feel soothed and I just feel a positive inclination throughout the day. I’ve been wearing my pendant for almost a week and the effect is stronger each day. Thank you so much for the extras, I’ve already gifted one and I’m enjoying the others around my home! It’s clear that these pieces were made with love and I will be back for more!

  6. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Increases Bovis (Vibrations)

    Matt – 07/02/2014

    I am just starting to recognize the vibrations of everything, and even the food that I work with at my fast food job vibrates much more when I am around it for even 10 minutes!! Fast food!!! Simply the best orgonite online, thank you. This is the site I will be buying more orgonite from.

  7. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Nano Lemurian Protector Pendant review

    Nam Luu – 09/02/2014

    After reading all the reviews and then ordering and trying this pendant for myself, all I can say is that it lives up to the expectations and more! If you are energy sensitive you will know without a doubt once you receive the item that it is legit compared to all other orgone products on the market. It also came with wonderful extra’s which I must thank the owners for but nevertheless, this item is as legit and beautiful as it gets. Thank you from Australia!

  8. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Beautiful energy and appearance!

    ARobinson – 10/02/2014

    This orgonite piece is great! The energy is wonderful, and when I put it on I got a sense of calm, like a feeling that all was good! It is an instant mood changer for the better, and try it on your 3rd eye during meditation! This is a higher dimensional hack cutting down the time it takes for me to reach higher states of consciousness! πŸ™‚

  9. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Outstanding !

    Ed – 10/11/2014

    The quality of product & service here is AAA+!…simply outstanding! This is a very smooth & warm pendant that consistantly makes you feel good…All the ingredients right down to the integrity of the creator are captured & felt in this piece when you wear it…This is one nice piece of organite !
    So Thank-You Dennis & Lena !…& a big thanks for the extra goodies…I love ’em!
    I highly recommend this piece to anyone thinking of getting one…absolutely superb!…& in terms of doing busines here, it just doesn’t get any better than this!…So thanks again to all who make this venture happen…You’re helping to make the world a better place…& that’s a great thing !


  10. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Took two days to start feeling it but very happy.

    David – 12/04/2014

    Though I’ve had three $700 PS watches that have done the same thing, it’s been too hard to keep them running well. So I’ve been getting by without for a while. Started looking around online and found a reccomendation for these products. After reading the reviews, (very similar to the reviews I’d read before buying the first watch), I thought I’d take a $95 chance. Much cheaper than going for another watch. First day, nothing. Second day,I felt my sensitivity to my cell phone was decreased. That’s great because I use my phone WAY too much and it can really drain me. But going to bed the second night I felt that same calm peaceful feeling that the watches used to give. So nice to have that back again. Then my dreams were super clear that night. Glad I took the chance. Ninety-five dollars is cheap for what it does. Thanks!

  11. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Happy – 02/19/2015

    The energy is wonderful! There was no getting “blown away” by it so to speak, but within just a few hours it started to surround me and I felt incredibly safe. More confident even. I had more pep in my step and kept smiling at people I didn’t know for no reason (I don’t live in the best neighborhood… smiles are less common), AND THEY SMILED BACK! That just doesn’t happen. I glowed all day. And the next day. My other noticed it within a minute or so (i had a shirt and jacket on, she was not aware I had received one) and stated after holding it, that it was the most amazing thing she’s ever held. Currently, she is going through some heart-ache from family and has just been really down. And so with great difficulty, I parted ways with the pendant. And happy for it! She has called back multiple times in a wonderful cheery attitude that I’ve noticed has been absent from her for a month! Shortly after parting with it though (within an hour), I felt the energy’s absence as well – like had given her my jacket on a cold day, and didn’t realize how cold I had been in the first place before putting it on.

  12. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Awesome companion, Love it.

    Mark – 03/20/2015

    From the moment I got the pendant I could feel a buzz in my hand from holding it. Very strong because of the nano iron and nano crystals but subtle because of the gold. I Received the overclocked version and love it because I thrive off of high energy items like moldavite. Even then it took a few days to get used to the power from this pendant. At school people would try and sit closer to me and talk to me more often when wearing this pendant. Great energy, very protective from negative energy’s. I can recover from being around negative people much faster when wearing this pendant. This is a beautiful piece of orgone technology and the extras are great! Good price for this amazing product.

  13. SenseiAdmin (store manager)


    N – 04/01/2015

    I just got it last night. It was well worth the wait. I was very surprised with the extras I’m going to gift them to friends. The nano pendant gives off a very calm vibe and i couldnt stop admiring its beauty definetly worth it. I bought another emf stress pendant from another place wasnt orgone though, and it was $119. I wish i couldve found this pendant before I bought it, plus I didnt get any extras like ordering from orgonecrystals. I will re-order again thanks πŸ™‚

  14. SenseiAdmin (store manager)


    Nic – 08/03/2015

    Jesus God, this is a powerful pendant! I’ve been feeling a strong sense of euphoria since putting it on. It strengthens my aura and makes my whole body tingle with bliss. It’s not only functional but a gorgeous work of art. Much gratitude to Sensei Dennis and Lena for making this wonderful item available.

  15. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    eautiful GIft

    Dan – 08/07/2015

    I bought this for my better half a couple years ago when she was pregnant with our son and she quickly fell in love with it! When she would go to bed I would often wear it while I worked late at night and I always seemed to feel great with it around my neck. Now I can rarely borrow it because she keeps it with her at all times. Even if she’s not wearing it, she usually has it in a small pocket in her bag. It always draws attention and comments when we’re out. It’s simple, elegant design gives it an undeniable beauty and it contains two of our favorite stones!
    The bonus gifts are always so fun to receive and even after some re-gifting our place looks like a mini Easter Island! Love!!!!

  16. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Sensei’s pendant

    Joosep – 08/14/2015

    Hey, I just received my pendant a couple of days ago and basically I’ll never take it off anymore haha. It is so well made and beautiful + it feels great to wear. Thanks for the extras as well, they went to a good place!

  17. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Star – 01/06/2016

    The most incredible thing I have ordered online. I am in love

  18. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Amazing vibes

    Marion – 01/09/2016

    Today I had the most positive vibes, meeting great people and having a great time at practice today. As I got home, lo and behold, my Nano Lemurian Pendant came in ! That was where this lovely energy is coming from ! I opened the package and wow, the energy is something I cant describe, soothing calm and a confidence that protection is always there. Also thanks for the extras Dennis ! I love it ! I cant wait to see what happens tomorrow while at practice again πŸ™‚

  19. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Protection from Satanic Frequencies

    Andrew Martin – 01/12/2016

    I felt the protective scalar waves as it arrived in my mail box a week ago. This positive energy generating device has been bringing amazing things to my life ever since. It arrived in time before I went to a trip to big bear for snow boarding this past weekend. It snowed heavily, but this pendant protected my and my friends through the weather and brought perfect snowboarding weather when we arrived. Positive vibes were the only thing that existed around me and my friends and I ended up showing one of my friends and his girlfriend my pendant. She is very sensitive to energies and also felt a negative energy in our rented out cabin. The negative energy was never around when I was around with my pendant and she said it made sense to her when I showed her my pendant. They loved it and was amazed by it and would definitely want to become healthy especially with a protecting device like this. I arrived back to San Diego healed from the natural undisturbed snowfall and habitat with the amplifying nano orgone protector pendant around my neck. I have never been so close with my girlfriend ever since this pendant. My girlfriend knows very little of orgonite, but I told her simply to sleep with the bigger piece next to you to protect yourself from EMFs during REM sleep, and keep the other in your purse for daily protection. She’s stayed positive and blissful ever since. Thank you so much Dennis for your wonderful gift, definitely recommended for anyone who wants to protect themselves from daily excessive exposure to EMFs and microwaves, and to stay healthy and positive until the “event” – where peace and love prevails and humanity rises to the 4th dimension.


  20. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    You’ll have to pry these pendants off my cold dead body…

    FinchLove – 02/14/2016

    First off, I want to say that I am usually critical of reviews that seem to be idiotic and over exaggerated, so it is with that in mind that I am happy to report my own experience with these pendants which I received in Oct of 2015. I ordered the gold and through the generosity of Dennis and an order hiccup, I got the black one as well. I wear both, the black in front (yin) and gold on my back(yang) on a kyanite rondelette necklace I made for them. I hadn’t taken them off since I got them and I had noticed that this has been the easiest winter in history in terms of not feeling depressed or lonely around the holidays. They came and went without so much as a blip, usually quite difficult for me. A few days ago, I took them off for the first time as I had received another orgonite device I wanted to try out. Within hours, I went for a walk and noticed I was thinking extreme thoughts of futility and lack of will to live. I thought…where have these thoughts come from? Needless to say, I walked home, put the pendants back on and those thoughts have disappeared again. I would not have believed such a story if it had not been my own personal experience. I don’t know how the pendants can remove such negative thoughts and feelings but they do!!! Excellent product, priceless results…

  21. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Pretty Unreal!

    Karl – 02/19/2016

    I feel a humble confidence. What more could you ask. Also calm and more approachable!

  22. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Wonderful Energy!

    D – 08/16/2016

    I was somewhat sceptical of some of these reviews but after getting this within 2 hrs the energy of the whole house changed for the better and we all were in better moods getting along…I am really sensitive to other peoples energy and this pendant takes the chaotic energy and transforms it into calm and peace.I am blown away and so happy i found this website!This pendant and the wonderful generous samples they sent were my first orgonite pieces and i am hooked.These are not only effective but beautiful as well!After 2 weeks i am just now sleeping better with this on as well….Thank you Dennis and Lena for such quality orgonite and the generous gifts!

  23. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    My First Orgone Order

    Solomon – 11/03/2016

    $102 after shipping, and it took 1 full week to arrive. I was happy that the package actually came in the mail. I was very skeptical about the whole thing. After doing some research, I decided to buy and try it out. There are cheaper alternatives, but I wanted the real deal. Long story short, the pendant did arrive. No, it’s not perfectly crafted. You can tell it’s a bit homemade. None the less, I’m more interested in what it can do for me.
    I’m happy that it came with some freebies as well, very important.

    So I wore this piece for a week now. I felt that it changed my perspective on life. For example, I was more convinced to go out and exercise as opposed to playing video games. I feel more confident and opened towards interacting with people. Yes, I did receive positive compliments from the ladies as well.

    As for working the grind while on the job, I was just as pissed about things like traffic, driving long spans of time, and being on call as usual. However, I did appreciate having the pendant around me to protect myself from strange WiFi signals, microwaves in the kitchens, and even the x-ray machine I work with.

    As for my sleep, I do recall having remembered some out of body experiences and/or dreams. I may have been remote viewing some secret government facility where they keep nuclear missiles. The vivid dream was a bit scary as I was trying to hide from agents/scientists who were somewhat aware that I was there.

    However, I now have to take it off during the night as it may keep me up. The energy radiating from it maybe too much for me for bedtime.

    In conclusion, as a skeptic I’m happy to have received my pendant in the mail. To be honest, I’m not really sure if this thing really does anything that can be scientifically measured. People will react to it and like the look of it, but I seriously don’t know if it does anything other than it being some kind of superficial fashion statement. I still feel a wide arrange of emotions, positive or negative. I would like to believe it’s helping me, so I just keep it on out of blind faith. None the less, I’m happy with my purchase.

  24. SenseiAdmin (store manager)


    Paula – 07/21/2017

    Hello, I finally received the 5 pendents that I ordered, and have to say they are lovely. Can’t wait to see how they feel. And, thank you so much for the extras; the more the better I say. I thought the shipping was a little high?, but I guess that’s what I get for living in Canada. I am very pleased. Thanks again. Paula

  25. SenseiAdmin (store manager)


    Thomas S. – 07/02/2018

    I have one from about 10 years ago that still works. I put it back on after so long and I can feel it working.

    It gets really warm around me at times. It also has a tendency to knock me out asleep, which happens when energy flows.

    It gets at energy blockages and I can feel my internal resistance meeting the orgone energy.

    It also helps with emotional blockages. Earlier I started to cry while wearing it because it helped to unstick some emotional blockage and uncover some previously hidden thing in me.

    I can’t wait till I get my other tools from Sensei to resonate with this pendant. It by itself is pretty strong at times.

  26. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Keep it on me always

    Joe – 06/08/2019

    I was looking for something powerful I could keep on me to replace the self made mini TB I was using. I was looking for something that would easily fit in a pocket as well since that’s how I typically would carry it. I’ve not had much luck “feeling” energy from my own smaller pieces, although after making a 16oz HHG I was able to feel that. This little pendant I could feel. I could also notice distinct changes and sensations. The first night I had it, I slept with it on my night stand, which I normally do with my own self made TBs. I should say I tried to sleep. It felt like I had just had some espresso, but in a non jittery way. I ended up having to move it to another room before that feeling went away. After a few days with it on me all day, I started to also notice a clarity of thought. That one was interesting as it just struck me at one point. I decided to try a test to see if I was just making this up, I gave it to my wife and didn’t tell her anything about it, just to keep it on her (but not sleep with it) and tell me after a few days if she noticed anything. It took a day and a half, we were sitting the living room having a drink, I got up to get something from the kitchen and out of the blue she says “I have this weird clarity in my mind that’s not usually there, is that the pendant?” That was a pretty good validation for me since she didn’t know anything about it and I hadn’t told her anything about my experiences. I tried another experiment with my mom, I had her keep it on her, telling her too not to sleep with it. But gave her no heads up on what it was or did. She came to me a few days later and said she had been having all kinds of self revelations with a lot of emotions coming up. My wife thought perhaps this device also helps a person get what they need the most, clarity of mind, emotional breakthroughs, confidence. Either way, folks seem to notice positive changes when they have it for a day or two, and that’s a pretty cool thing.

    I’ve since gotten my wife one too, or I should say I got a replacement for me since she didn’t give it back : )

    I now also sleep with it next to my bed at night without issue, took about a week for me to acclimate to it. I can’t say I noticed any positive or negative with regard to sleeping, but then I already have quite a bit of Orgonite around my house and property and I’ve never had much trouble sleeping. But I will say I notice my energy movement more at night and with this by my bed it has been stronger movements, especially a throbbing in my brow chakra. I need to end up getting another since I like to loan this one out to folks to try but hate parting with it!

  27. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Just like I imagined it

    Hsiao Yu – 07/04/2019

    Beautiful, unique and artistic piece. I wear it for its protective qualities. Feels so special. Good to see that other people are using/ wearing it too.

    ~So Love~

  28. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    The Real Deal

    Orgone Don – 09/04/2019

    I have had my pendant for about 6 years now and recently purchased 2 more for my family. The pendant was my first experience with orgonite and has served me well. This pendant is wonderful. It has increased my psychic ability as well as my ability to manifest. It has protected me. I have worn it nearly every day since I received it.

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