15 Hz Orgone Nano Zapper and Frequency Generator

Nano Orgone Zapper and Frequency Generator 15 Hz.

15 Hz Zapper and Frequency Generator with attached Nano Lemurian Orgone material.

Great for powering coiled crystal devices.



Nano Orgone Zapper and Frequency Generator 15 Hz.

15 Hz Zapper and Frequency Generator with attached Nano Lemurian Orgone material.

Great for powering coiled crystal devices.

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Weight .5 lbs

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  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    Love and light thanks šŸ’ššŸ‘ŒšŸæ very nice service

  2. Jesse (verified owner)

    Jayclay or BuddhaDaoShaman. Excellent products and service. Work incredibly. Possibly heals the whole planet and ourselves forever. If you are thinking about buying orgonite Iā€™d recommend 100% best purchase I ever made.

  3. Joe (verified owner)

    I’ve been purchasing these for over a year now to both power my pyramids and to use as a zapper. These are wonderful and affordable frequency generators.

  4. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Spiralizer – 10/30/2009

    I have had the Nano Zapper for 24 hours now, & have had it with my own homemade lemurian powerwand. So far the energy is amazingly positive, deep, clear & strong, by all accounts similar as the reports of nano-material orgonite has been. My mental clarity & mood has shifted as a result. Since I have reviewed your devices in multiple instances & gotten similar results I feel your products are worth every dollar & more.rnrnI am thrilled you offered this product at such a stellar price point & I can now afford to purchase additional items in the near future

  5. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    DMarion – 04/13/2010

    This is a great item for powering moebius coils and wrist straps. In both cases it provides a strong, clear and powerful energy which can often be felt by people with very little energetic sensitivity. I consider this item a tremendous bargain considering the nano lemurian orgonite attached.

  6. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    15Hz Orgone Generator

    Jeremy – 06/04/2012

    I ordered the 15Hz generator to power my mobius coil. Shipped very quick. Very happy with the product. Thank you for the extras!!!!

  7. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Perfect Zapper

    Dan – 08/04/2012

    I bought this zapper for my mother, to aid her health issues; I already have one for myself. I want to say that it works great, is the cheapest on the market and I find this specific model very useful. I can have the battery in my pocket and the metal endings strapped to my feet with a piece of elastic band. The way to good physical and mental health can’t be simpler and cheaper than this.
    So thank you Sensei!

  8. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Well constructed

    Eric – 05/22/2014

    These are well constructed and work perfectly for powered crystal devices. They work well with rechargeable 9v and an excellent price and very happy with the extras that came with them.

  9. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Love it!

    Nic – 08/14/2014

    Love it. First time playing with mobius. Skeptical. Noticed huge turn around in my attitude within 30 seconds. Huge gratitude for the extras! Love

  10. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Go for it!

    Bryan Christopher – 03/04/2015

    Thank you! Wasn’t sure why I wanted one of these but I did and I got one. Fantastic investment! My body experiences this “Humming” while using it. I attached a penny to each clip and put them under my feet or hold them in my hands, experience is similar. As a trained clairvoyant I’m Excited to validate this experience for anyone considering this technology . If you’re interested in a reading about your relationship/journey with orgonite, email me at mrchrislikestolaugh@gmail.com Passion and Play !

  11. SenseiAdmin (store manager)

    Amazing Product .. Bless you both

    Chris R – 04/21/2015

    Thank you Lena & Dennis, my order arrived today. Bless you for the free gifts. You truly are angels. I am so enjoying the energy of your amazing products, I am now saving up for the Home Orgone Shield. Cannot wait to blow a hole in my roof LOL šŸ™‚

  12. SenseiAdmin (store manager)


    justincoup – 01/24/2018

    Well, I bought the Zapper awhile back ago (maybe like 4 months ago?) and was skeptical at first, because I had never used one. I started dabbling with Orgonite, and I find just holding an orgone pyramid on head helps get rid of headaches, holding it on my fiancee’s back helps get rid of her back pain fairly quickly, etc. Point it- orgonite is AWESOME. So this started down the path to powered orgonite, which inevitably led to using a 15hz zapper to power orgonite. So, after MUCH shopping around- I stumbled upon this amazing site, and I took a shot in the dark and decided to order one. It took a little less time than I had thought to get here, and when it showed up I was AMAZED. They graciously included 2 mini pyramids, and a larger TB, and of course the zapper with a (lemurian?) mini orgonite attached to the zapper with some shrink wrap (the professional kind of course) so that the zapper is boosted by the orgonite. The Zapper blinks blue at the pulse rate of the Frq Zapper (15Hz) and a 9V battery lasts quite some time, even while running it continuously. I left it on for like 4 days, and the battery was still fairly charged šŸ™‚ I would absolutely LOVE to try some more of this companies amazing products, but after a series of unfortunate events (no, not referencing the movie) I am out of work right now, so money is a huge issue now, especially with a baby on the way (Due May 6th). If you are new to the zapping game, please, for the love of the creator, do NOT spent a lot of money on ANY zapper… Just buy this one. For starters, this is all you need right now until you understand zappers better and get the hang of it, and even still be weary of buying from other places unless you’ve done your research, as a lot of people like to scam and make fake products that do NOT do as they say. I was bored and used two copper pennies, touched them to my cheeks where my tooth was hurting (furthest back top right molar) and my tooth doesn’t hurt anymore, AND I had just got done eating so I felt sluggish. Guess what? 10 minutes later, my tooth is no longer hurting, I no longer feel sluggish, and I’m full of energy! Also, a side note- if you touch the zapper to your face, if it comes in contact with the nerves that go to your eyes via skin contact, you may notice a strange flikering in your eyes that matches the pulse rate of the device. You might think “well justin, Why would I touch an electronic zapper to my face?” but believe me- its okay. 15hz isn’t enough to do harm, and ironically since the eye only picks up to 16hz, you are able to see the flickering. Curiously enough, I wonder if this means that because I saw the flickering through my eyes that the frq was being applied to my optic nerve, hence removing parasites from my eyeballs. (yes, it may be freaky as hell, but parasites have been known to rift towards the eyes). Anyyyways, just wanted to share some personal experience about this amazing product because not too many have reviewed it and it really is a sham because this is one amazing piece in my collection, and I cannot wait to add more!

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