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Orgone Nano Shield
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Protect yourself from WiFi, ElectroSmog, and destructive EMF.

I developed this unit because I found WiFi signals in Hotels, Bookstore Cafes and such to be physically, mentally and energetically disturbing and I wanted to protect myself.

The Orgone rich 15 Hz. pulse eminating from the unit allows the body's electrical system to "lock onto" the beneficial 15 Hz signal and ignore other distorted (Wifi, EMF, RF, Cell Phone) signals as they fade to background noise.

Nano Lemurian Technology is what makes the difference! An exponentially greater output of orgone energy is accomplished by the use of Magnetically aligned Nano Metal and Lemurian Seed Crystals reduced to Nano size, in the pulsed, orgone producing matrix material.

 The difference is dramatic! Mental Clarity, Emotional Poise, and Physical Stresss Relief in the presence of Wifi and EMF clutter normally destructive to the Body's Electrical/Nervous system. Indispensable to those with electrical sensitivities or who work or live in areas of high EMF/RF or electrosmog exposure.

A deep, undisturbed sleep state is easily achieved when one is not subjected to the unwanted influence of ambient EMF and microwave fields from Cell Towers, Wi-Fi, Erratic Fields from Wiring in the home, "Dirty" Electrical Spikes and Localized Geopathic Stress.

It is an extremely strong Radionics Tool as well.

This unit comes with a Regulated Power Supply so that you can run  it on wall current. You can run it 24/7 in your home.

Think of it as a minature radio station, playing your central nervous system's favorite tune.




Price: $295.00
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