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An Orgone Stylus


 A Capacitive Nano Orgone Matrix filled Stylus for Ipads and Smartphones. 

Price: $18.00
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Cell Phone Protector/Stylus
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 Nano Orgone Cell Phone Protector Stylus

Price: $16.00
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Gold Orgone Pendulum/Necklace
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An Exquisite Tool for Dowsing.  The orgone matrix is made up of 24 K Gold, Nano Gold, A Lemurian Crystal and Nano Lemurian Crystals. Convienently hanging from a velvet necklace with a detachable, magnetic clasp.

Price: $65.00
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Lemurian Gold HHG


HHG Perfection in Gold and Lemurian Seed crystal.

Was featured in the Will Farrel and Dustin Hoffman Movie, "Stranger Than Fiction"

Price: $695.00
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Orgone Nano Tube
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Simple, elegant and works like a charm !

A borosilicatel stir wand, filled with nano orgone material and  24 karat gold and tipped with an Amethyst Sphere. Stir any beverage for 30 seconds to impart a noticable orgone charge and vastly improve the taste of any beverage.  Eliminates the chlorine taste in tap water (amazing !) . Gets rid of the bitter tastes in coffee or tea. Makes cheap wine taste like an expensive vintage! 

Proven to alkalize water PH !

Price: $95.00
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Tactical Stylus for Ipad/Smartphone
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Tactical Orgone Stylus for Ipad/Smartphone

Price: $38.00
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