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Orgone Nano Shield
Orgone Nano Shield
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Protect yourself from WiFi, ElectroSmog, and EMF.

I developed this unit because I found WiFi signals in Hotels, Bookstore Cafes and such to be physically, mentally and energetically disturbing and I wanted to protect myself.

The Orgone rich 15 Hz. pulse eminating from the unit allows the body's electrical system to "lock onto" the beneficial 15 Hz signal and ignore other distorted (Wifi, EMF, RF, Cell Phone) signals as they fade to background noise.

Nano Lemurian Technology is what makes the difference!

An exponentially greater output of orgone is accomplished by the use of Magnetically aligned Nano Metal and Lemurian Seed Crystals reduced to Nano size.   

A Lemurian Seed Crystal , (expensive, but nothing works as well) is wrapped in a Mobius Coil submerged in the Nano Orgone Generating material and pulsed by a 15 Hz. Frequency Generator. This 9 Volt battery powered unit is constructed in a tough,clear polycarbonate water proof Box  . At 3 1/2 inches across and 1 1/2 inch deep it will fit comfortably in your back pocket or purse.

The difference is dramatic! Mental Clarity, Emotional Poise, and Physical Stresss Relief in the presence of Wifi and EMF clutter normally destructive to the Body's Electrical/Nervous system. Indispensable to those with electrical sensitivities or who work or live in areas of high EMF/RF or electrosmog exposure.

A deep, undisturbed sleep state is easily achieved when one is not subjected to the unwanted influence of ambient EMF and microwave fields from Cell Towers, Wi-Fi, Erratic Fields from Wiring in the home, "Dirty" Electrical Spikes and Localized Geopathic Stress.

It is an extremely strong Radionics Machine as well.

One unexpected effect: The Positive Orgone Field generated by this device is perceptable to about 15 feet around the unit . When first testing this, I noticed that waitresses were reluctant to leave my table and returned very often, when in resturants. Sales clerks followed me around in stores, happily chatting about their kids.

People in my immediate vicinity were getting relief from the distorted electrical fields torquing their nervous system (probably for the first time in their life) and they LIKED it.

This unit comes with a Regulated Power Supply so that you can run  it on wall current. You can run it 24/7 in your home. The frequency generator is a very tough little circuit, I have run one in my home constantly for 3 plus years without a glitch.

The Nano Shield is also an extremely strong Radionics Machine as well.

Think of it as a minature radio station, playing your central nervous system's favorite tune.

The dimensions of the box are 4" H x 1-1-2" W x 1/2"

Price: $295.00
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Lost Nano Shield

- 08/14/2017

Used to having this around me for years now. Refreshing and protecting. A little problem with making a tight connection with the battery sometimes. Disappeared from side porch recently. Sorely missed. Tuxedo Meow

Much Better Sleep

- 05/01/2017

What I am most noticing and appreciating is drifting off to sleep much easier. Insomnia has been a problem for a very long time. I finally got off ambien last year. Just recently got off melatonin. But still falling asleep has been difficult, lots of tossing around. The past two nights with the Nano Shield was the most relaxed I've been and didn't take long to drift into a pleasant night's sleep... very grateful for that.

Incredible product, great customer service, and free bundles!

- 02/05/2017

The nanoshield came with an AC power supply, which I was not expecting to come with the device! That's great! Also, my package came with an easter Island head pendant I would wear around my neck. Even better! A free towerbuster came along as well. Oh, and the vibes that the nanoshield produced are incredible. I can literally feel the happy vibes coming from it! The vibes were so strong, I could feel my third eye throb! At first it gave me a headache though.. It took me time to acclimate to it. : P lol I am incredibly impressed. Thanks Sensei and Lena, for all the great products and extras! My patience has very well paid off. : D

Really neat and much needed for a long time.

- 01/29/2017


The plastic box of the Portable Power Wand as I call it is actually completely transparent without color which is more pleasing to my eyes. The plastic is very sturdy.

The 9V battery socket is very well glued to the middle of the top of the orgonite so that the battery wouldn't clank around inside the box. I bought 4 boxes of Amazon's alkaline 9V batteries at about $1.2 rate for each. It's quite big and it does fit under the cap when closed. These Amazon's alkaline batteries get recharged with negative ions produced by orgonites so efficiently that I suspect that only 3 of Amazon's 9V batteries are needed for constant cycling. I will probably return 3 boxes back to Amazon. Sorry, Amazon!

This thing has the Sensei's signature circuit in it. Constantly flickering intense blue light emitting from the circuit is beautiful and very fitting for the powerwand.

A few more things I'd like to ask of this device is to make it out of blue and strong glass.

Blue because POR is blue so might as well. It helps a little bit, I'm sure.

And (very strong) glass because ,as you all know, plastic does get scratched.

Wow - Amazing

- 09/23/2015

I love it - I can feel the difference!

This thing really works

- 09/14/2015

I am amazed, simply amazed. When I first got my nano shield I wore it during a busy somewhat hectic workshop. I experienced the greatest calm I can remember around so many people and unsuspected events. Then I placed it at the head of my bed. My sleep was much more blissful and noticeably deeper. Then I let a friend borrow it because she was on the road a lot, driving in an electric vehicle, going in toxic government buildings etc. She said she is experiencing deep relief. Instead of feeling frantic and exhausted constantly, she is calm and centered. I recommend this with deep conviction.

Pre-Delivery Review!

- 09/05/2015

The device hasn't even arrived yet, I ordered it yesterday, and I will explain why I already think this is the best investment I will make in my life.

Just as a background I have attended 2 silent meditation retreats called vipassana. I cleared my chackras and expereinced an obvuis connection with myself, the animals, the earth, and on many occasions i experienced devine intervention. Since then I have concluded that there are spirits. Its been made real clear.

Now to get the the goods:) My connection with the spirits since my last retreat has been spoty. They have chosen very wize times to prove themselves again and again, im truly grateful for these bueautiful experiences we have shared. My dream last night was one of the best ive ever had, and i know without a doubt it was because of my decision to buy senseis pendant. i have (since yesterday) seen within my dog, experienced a level of awareness unmatched before (my dog got trampled by another dog today) i could feel his energy so vividly, and im currently pulling cold energy from him and hes in the other room. No joke my life will never be the same.

Thank you yiu wonderful people:) i love this site already!


- 02/11/2015

amazing product, it feels so good !

Worth every penny

- 01/18/2015

I purchased the nano shield about 2 months ago. For me, its effect is subtle, and cumulative, and by this time, it's increasingly noticeable. Everyone in the house sleeps better as a result of the nano shield, I feel. Even though I keep it in the master bedroom, it must be affecting the rest of the house, because a visitor remarked after an overnight stay, "I slept like a baby. Is the mattress new?" If only you knew! :) As for me, I know I sleep much deeper, with much less restlessness or insomnia, and I am told I talk in my sleep significantly less, so I must be resting deeply enough to cut the chatter. :) I just need to keep the shield under a black t-shirt or a black fabric bag, or the flickering of the light would keep me awake, because light is a lot like noise when I'm trying to sleep. Easily worth every penny.

A Must Have

- 11/06/2014

Look, I am so glad to have this, and the confirmations abound, every-single-day. You have to get one. You have to get one here. You have to have it between you & your CPU on your PC to know the difference it can make day one. Everyday there are experiences and things to try with this thing.

I could not be happier with the value, the consideration of me & my situation and intentions/struggles that went into it, or the output on me and my life. Worth every penny & then some. Share this site with everyone I come into contact with who also gets to hear about Dennis' videos on youtube and the WarriorMatrix forum. Its a tool and companion that helps. And I appreicate what the long review said and how he said it. I find in a pressurized mental environment, with itchy anxiety in your daily route/community/university/workplace/family that this thing just helps and helps and helps. Orgonite helps in a lot of ways, and with something like this it helps you strongly & a lot of things around you.

Cannot recommend this and the succor punch w/ freq generator enough. Then get the 4 pack of rechargable EBL 9 volt batteries & charger from the mainstreet killer admittedly--amazon. The most important things and relationships in my life are supported by something this well made & thought out & executed, including with the Succor a little bag to carry it in. Thank God for Sensei & Lena, trailblazing & spearheading & providing teaching on what they've discovered.

A powerful device for spreading light and love

- 10/03/2014

Let me begin by stating that this review is after using the device for 1+ months. All that is described is a subjective understanding of phenomena experienced.

From the moment I plugged in the device I noticed a shifting of frequencies. I also heard a telepathic moan from what I believe to be negative energies.

Connecting with the crystal is, in my opinion, vital. A mutual bond much like that with another human/animal/plant must be built. Contemplate the journey, share it with emotion, visualization and will. The spirit listens intently for you regardless of location when an effective bond is built.

As this device is used more in the public domain rather than at home, I will explain it's effects of self and others.

1. Interactions in public have been greatly improved. Discussions are more fluid with few and far between negative comments. Within group settings a boost in mood is noticed from the other participants. This change is usually from a state of unawareness/lethargy/sadness to awake/vibrant/energetic feelings. This is helped along with the focusing of the amplification aspect of the device as well by self.

2. One-on-one interactions are purer and have deeper connections. Purer in the sense that discussions are more in-tune with matters of importance to either of the individuals. Deeper as stronger bonds of friendship/love are constructed faster than normal.

3. As mine is battery operated, when charged with a certain frequency, the vibrational frequency is carried through the day and can be noticed in all endeavors. The frequency variations subtly represent themselves in the behavior of others. Although many variables may attest to this behavior, it is clear that there is a direct/indirect connection between the vibration held and the persons' vibe.

4. All tasks can be either amplified or thought out clearly with the help of the device. A boost to mind-function is provided that allows for quicker analysis of any duty while the spiritual energy within oneself can be multiplied if required. These tasks may range from cooking to sending waves of love to a passer-by. The applications are limited by your creativity.

In all cases, remember the bond created with the crystal. Be in synchronicity with the spirit and understand the dynamics of speak/listen.

Do you really need this device?

Let me state that the devices properties are incredible. 1.5 months is little time for complete understanding.

Any individual can benefit from this device. Much money is spent daily on matters of little importance. Take a moment to acknowledge the value of happiness and a greater sense of peace. If that is something you are looking for, get this device. You won't regret it.

Thank you for this device, Mr. Dennis and Miss. Lena.!!!

- 06/23/2014

Within minutes of turning it on I felt relaxation in my lower chest and solar plexus--which had been there for many months--and it produces a deep warmth in my heart every time I hold it near me. The last few days I have felt so much increase in my heart chakra and my mood has improved dramatically, my mundane fears and worries plummeted and now I have such a profound and soulful sense of peace and love! My wife and I sleep AMAZING with this in the room near us. It calmed my wife's racing heartbeat in moments of placing it near her. We have also experienced powerful dreams. Ordering another one for my wife. This is simply incredible and beyond words and exactly as everyone described; it's like a new member of the family!


- 06/12/2014

I have custom nano shield in use more than one year and it is my company for almost every day! It change people behavior the good way. I dont use it during nights but have tried and have best lucid dreams so far.
The technology is few levels above any other orgone device on the market, in many points.
I got few packages from Lena and Dennis already and they always make my really happy, their nano product worth much more as they asking!!
Those are the most inovative devices within all orgone or spiritual tools IMHO.
Highly recomended... thank you Lena and Dennis.

Lucid Dreams!

- 01/27/2014

I hadn't had a lucid dream in years. On the 2nd night sleeping with the Nano Shield plugged in I was able to have a lucid dream. That's just the icing, though. I really ordered the Nano Shield to get relief from all the EMF in the office where I work. There are so many wireless devices in my space alone - three different headsets, the mouse and keyboard, the company wi-fi, mobile phone, plus three monitors and two computers. I'm in a cube farm so all the spaces around me are just as EMF-toxic as my own space. I always felt so agitated in the office despite enjoying the actual work. I could tell within an hour that the Nano Shield was helping. After 4 straight hours with the Nano Shield I feel calm and grounded. I think I may get a home shield so that I can use this Nano Shield as a portable device. It is so small and unobtrusive! I enjoyed the extras too, though it didn't come with the necklace or pendulum. It came with some TB's, two Moai heads, and a small pyramid. Thanks so much Sensei!

Fantastic healing tool

- 12/16/2013

I can confirm all the positive healing effects stated by the preceding happy customers. It's powerful yet gentle helping to make a big difference in our lives. Planning to get another one including some of the other wonderful miracle devices.
Lena and Sensei thanks for all you do!

I've had this almost a year now...

- 08/31/2013

I have to say that this is an amazing product. It really protect you from the radiation of cell phones and helps you get a great night's sleep. I take it everywhere with me. Thank you for providing this at a good price.


- 02/14/2013

have had my nano shield for only about 24 hours, yet i believe it's already changed me for the better!

it definitely has me feeling "floatier" - lighter in mood and freer of negativity. i'm really looking forward to experiencing more of what it has to offer!

thank you so much, sensei & lena! as always, the extras are greatly appreciated, too!

Awesome Product

- 11/13/2012

The ONS is a loving, comfortable, enveloping energy that feels very expansive once I hooked up the battery. Thank you Dennis for a genius product and all you create with orgonite.

Great Introduction into Orgone Energy

- 08/16/2012

This is my first Orgone product and I wanted to make sure to get the best one I could find. For me, this is a subtle type of energy. What I've noticed is just what's listed in the description of this product, which is Emotional Poise, Mental Clarity, and Deeper Sleep. My dreams seem to be more vivid. Dennis is very generous and tossed in a two necklaces (pendulum and pendant), as well as two tiny orgone pyramids for "gifting". I will definitely be back here if I want to get more top of the line orgone products.

Powerful tool

- 05/25/2012

As soon as I turned the unit on I felt this bubble of surrounding energy. What a great tool for healing and charging oneself with orgone. The energy it emits feels almost "femenine" in it's quality.

Excellent Treasure

- 03/10/2012

Thanks Lena and Dennis for this piece of treasure, my orders and freebies.
All orgonites that comes are neatly construct and most important the energy is unbelieveable. "beautiful" is the word to use.
I can feel the orgone energy even before i power up my Nano Shield.
I am going to power it up at my workplace to create a better workplace for my colleague and myself.
The Nano pendant is also great in energy and beautiful. I can feel alittle giddy in the first few mins when i put it on. I will pass the rest to my family members.
Once again, thanks to dennis and lena

Thank you

- 02/25/2012

This is indeed a strong device

way to go!

- 02/17/2012

this is indeed a very powerful peace!

Amazing little device

- 12/21/2011

Indeed, the nano shield is, quite likely, the most advanced powered orgone device on the market right now-- unmatched power output relative to device size, overall power relative to other products and multiple applications (protection, manifestation, healing). Price is cheap for what you get and someone other than Sensei would have probably been selling it at double or more. I have mine for three months now, also got one for my wife. It will change your life.


- 10/08/2011

A unique product I defently feel great while i'm around the field it resonates. When I plug the battery in my brain does tingle.

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