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A Nano Lemurian Protector Pendant (Sensei's Pendant) Reviews for the product - A Nano Lemurian Protector Pendant (Sensei's Pendant) (Back to product)
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- 08/30/2009

Impressive, deep and calming, at the same time energizing and protecting. Also very nice to meditate with. It's hard to believe such a lightweight piece can emit such energy. Thank you!


- 08/02/2009

These new nano pendants are truly amazing. As soon as i put it on you can feel the healing power engulf your body. One thing i have noticed is the Psychic enhancement. People seem to pick up on my intent without me even saying a word. Sometimes finishing my sentences for me. You will start noticing small things that really make a diffence. Pair this with an everymans sp or orgone nano shield and you will really make a change for the better.. Oh and did i say how beautiful it is. Really is a masterpeice. Excellent work Sensei


- 10/30/2010

This new nano technology in orgonite is amazing. I put this on, and within an hour, an ache in my went away and has not come back. Keep up the great work Sensei! Thank you!!!


- 01/05/2011

I guess I'm not that sensitive to the subtle energies these pieces emit like others are but I've had it for about a week and I've noticed some differences. It's easier for me to get back up from depression or anger. My emotions are more intense. My intuitive sense is a bit stronger or clearer. I also noticed that I get ringing in my ears more so with the pendant on and especially with the nano shield powered on. I get them much more often and they're stronger. So I guess something's working :) A+


- 08/04/2010

WOW! I really didn't expect to notice much, because I've not had any experience with orgone to speak of. I could feel it immediately when I put it on, and possibly before I even opened the box. Awesome! ! Thanks Dennis it's fantastic!


- 02/14/2011

These pendants we wear or out in our pocket on a daily basis. We really notice a difference with people around us and the positive energy that is transformed from a possible argumentative situation. We have had these for a couple months to make sure this is the true effects of using these pendants. You will love the pendant!


- 06/27/2011

Thanks again Denise~ This is an exceptional piece ~ I really appreciate it more and more when there is a day i forget to wear my necklace. Really keeps my personal auric field strong and clear, a blessing for my self and loved ones around me. Thank you~


- 02/03/2011

Very nice pendant. I felt it working on me the very first day. It has been bringing me through a detox of some sort as of late, but I can feel that it is a good thing. Awesome work, Sensei.


- 03/20/2011

Very happy with the product..feels very nice to wear. Took a little time to get here to Australia, but i can't help feeling it had 'stuff to do' on the way here. It's also about twice as big as i originally thought it would be, which is good (Im a guy and was a little worried it might look a little bit 'dainty'). The unexpected gift was also a very pleasant surprise. Thanks Sensei. I will recommend this product to others.


- 03/22/2011

This is so powerful and I just got it today. Wow, I am speechless. It is amazing and what a lovely design. Keep up the great work and thanks again Dennis Sensei.


- 07/08/2011

Exceptional piece, I feel, a great value for the money. I have much greater energy now, it is palpable, directable, and at times, i need to take it off, to use my personal space in a more calm manner; and I was a fairly high energy piece of work myself before this. I would not attempt to meditate (group or alone) with this when you first get to it. Short on sleep, so slept but, weirdly first night, took it off second night, third since then, its been on, had it 1 month or so. Need less sleep now.


- 07/04/2011

OMG, where do I start? Most amazing piece of work I ever experienced. First couple of nights could not sleep or did I? Dreams like information from the universe filling my head answering question I didn't have to ask, as if all ready knew. Insight that can't be explained with words. Ringing in my ears going away, sinus almost completely cleared up after at least 6 months being clogged. Quit smoking 5 months ago, but used e-cig during that time, quit using that 6 days ago. Wearing my pendent is amazing.


- 09/27/2011

I have this pendant and the home shield. Dennis and Lena make products that are in a class by themselves. These people are a blessing to our planet. The pendant energy is both beautiful and powerful. I can't sleep with it on as the effect it has on my bio-field will not allow for it. Otherwise I keep it with me at all times. Can't say enough about how great the products are here. Thank you is a start.


- 11/23/2011

It works!! Highly recommended.
Many thx for the freebies x

Best Orgonite Pendant

- 03/05/2012

Dennis and Lena has the best orgonite around esp nano iron and lemurian.

We are all blessed to have them

Absolutely magical!

- 06/07/2012

My order just showed up,and I am stunned by the awesomeness of the pendant and the other items I got!! The items Dennis offers are absolutely beautiful and a pure work of art. These are definitely made with love and care, I can feel the energies emanating from these. Thank you so very much Dennis! Namaste!


- 08/02/2012

5 stars are not really enough. It's really awesome. I bought this for me and the black one for my husband. Thank you for an awesome work you put in your products. Again, thank you and for the gifts that came with them.

Merry Mabon

- 09/22/2012

Thank you so much, you wonderfull souls.

As professional as can be, I find myself speechless at how much hope and inspiration you've given me towards the world and human race!

Nice Pendant - Nice Job Dennis!

- 10/11/2012

My NLLPP arrived today. I like the energy, soothing, laid back and I like the gold color
Very much. Being still new to the pendant, my first impressions are very positive and clear.
Good vibes all around, Buy One, oh yeah I just did... 80) You won't be sorry!

Very Powerful.. For Real.

- 10/23/2012

I am very EMF sensitive and have burnt out adrenals... have suffered with severe blackouts and anxiety, mood swings and exhaustion... I have noticed immediate improvement after a one day adjustment period of worsening symptoms.. Sensei I am recommending you to all who need it.. Thanks so much for your generosity.

TOTALLY Satisfied

- 12/13/2012

Thank you so very much for making this beautiful pendant available to me and everyone else. I think I've had it for about a week now, and I've seen a complete turn-around in my relationships and thought patterns. Annoyances that I used to take to heart and take out on other people now seem to bounce off of me. I feel more compassionate, empathic and understanding. It hangs perfectly centered on my heart chakra, which is a wonderful reminder to keep it activated. Haven't taken it off yet.

Also, the extra gifts you included got me so giddy! I'm going to put a tower buster by a cell phone tower as soon as I get the chance! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your education and services.


Must have!

- 01/27/2013

This Nano Lemurian Pendant is a master piece constructed by an expert. When checked using VC pendulum, it generates many color bands, also has very very high energy for chakra works.

I can sleep normally with it after a week with more vivid intuitives dreams. First time use, there were lots of healing activities going on throat and ajna chakras. It improves my spriritual life, intuition, speaking, also on manifestation (be aware of you think and speak). I feel very much blessed.

This is my first nano lemurian orgonite. I'm buying again. Thank you very much Sensei and Lena. Be always loved and blessed.

absolutely absolute

- 03/01/2013

Thank you, very much appreciated. The package was put in my bedroom this morning when i was just waking up, drowsy and groggy from a late night. This is 15 mins later and i feel like a spring chicken ready for anything that brings forth a new experience which is more understanding for the next problem to be solved. Wow, truely boundary disolving. The GIFTS... What a bonus! All This will CLEARLY assist me with my poetical rymes. We the individual, have infinate potential. Nuff said :))

Very happy with purchase

- 05/01/2013

This lovely pendant has been something of a blessing since it came into my life three weeks ago. I was unable to sleep with it the first few nights, but since then I've been wearing it 24/7. I'm not overly sensitive to energy, but there's something about this piece that brings me much comfort. And not just going about daily life. I've been going through some very intense spiritual transitions lately(involving lots of shadow work) and this pendant is turning out to be a very welcome companion to carry with me in my process. I'm surprised at how safe and protected I feel wearing it, and how supported and strengthened my own energy feels. I feel it came into my life just when I needed it most, so thank you Sensei and orgone crystals. All the products I've purchased from you are great, and I would definitely buy from you again. Much love.

Lovely pendant

- 07/02/2013

This pendant has brought such a lovely grounding effect since I've had it. It arrived about a week ago, and I've had the pleasure of wearing it since. The most noticeable difference is the calming it brings. I feel more at peace and relaxed. The customer service that was provided was also stellar! I would most definitely recommend this product, and will be sure to come back in the future for more orgone-related products.


- 07/18/2013

I LOVE my Nano Pendant! Get compliments on it all the time! I wear it daily (except while showering)and well, the bezel(?0 broke off from the top of the pendant last night and I do not know what to do--can you help me? Lost w/o wearing it! Christy


- 10/27/2013

Dear Dennis, and Lena! Thank you sooooo much for replacing my pendant!! And the little gifts you sent along are great!! One already has a special home with a dear friend. I have to admit I really felt lost without it. Your products are fantastic! I will be ordering the cell phone protector "thingies" for family members who own cell phones soon. Thanks again!! Now, back to browsing for Christmas gifts.... ;)


- 10/06/2013

This pendant has been amazing for me and like others have said came at the right time.

I have found it to be amazing in balancing my chronic pain from a serious car accident that I was in a few years ago. I no longer get the chronic crushing pressure pain in my spine esp my lower back and despite all my injuries from pelvis to brain. I have still been aware of my pain and tightness (so I am aware of what needs work/tending to) but this is a feeling I definite appreciate.

Thank you so much for all your generosity in your gifts and knowledge. I had been interested in orgone for a little while and had came across this site months before purchasing and really instantly gravitated these beautiful pendants. After my scepticism rising and my patience thinning; Sensei and Lena reassured me it would be on the way so when I got it I didn't need any reassurance after not feeling like I'm wearing down and actually feel as if I've improved more with my pain then I have throughout the whole course of all my rehabilitation despite trying being active, trying yoga, superfoods/supplements and trying to eat/sleep better (all of which has been great something as simple as keeping this has really balanced things). I look forward to further amazing customer service and orgonite experiences.

I am so very grateful for these! I will definitely be making more purchases again soon! Take care and all the very best to you two and everyone else on their venture!


- 12/16/2013

Wowzers! Amazing stuff.

Happy customer :)

- 01/31/2014

Thanks very much for extras,i didnt expect them all!
nice pendant good communication and customer service.I can't see it or completely explain it but I feel that this has a subtle positive effect,I expect depending on your sensitivity.I really did feel buzzing and I couldn't stop smiling when I recieved it,for a few hours after admiring it,and wearing it.I havnt taken it off since!very positive few days.maybe it was just me being happy to have something I wanted something new!,but I think it's a little deeper than this.
I have felt more together more clear and more positive,healthier even.maybe its All in the mind?I think not.;) Respect,five stars from the uk.will shop again.
.god bless,namaste,in lek'ech,peace ...

this is it

- 03/26/2014

There is so much going on since I got this,I love it its very strong and it really got things going in the right direction,I just cant put in words what is going really but I can tell you this is it,if you feel call by it,dont wait!


- 04/27/2014

I was slightly skeptical at first even though I had done a bunch of research before hand, but as the days came closer to me getting it, watching the package tracker I got more and more excited. When it arrived I almost felt like I knew it was there in the mailbox (thanks very much for the extras by the way!) I put it on right away and have been wearing it for about 3 days know and loving it, feeling way more energized and positive. Had an irrational smile the whole first day, it definitely affects your dreams as the first night sleeping with it I had long complex dreams and fully remembered them when I awoke which usually doesn't happen for me unless I really try. I highly recommend this and any other orgonite, because even though I have only had it for a few days I feel life is really going my way now.

Beyond our expectations!

- 05/16/2014

Amazing workmanship and beautiful detail! Pictures don't do this justice! Could definitely feel the positive energy coming off the pendants right away. It's only been a few hours wearing the pendant and there is already an increased positivity in the people around me. This is powerful stuff! Trust me, you will be impressed! Very very generous and kind extra added items! I can't thank you enough except to say that I'm a lifetime customer!

There is something to it!

- 05/25/2014

I put this on for the first time last night and after wearing it for a couple of hours I felt great. I don't know how to put into words the change in the way this makes me feel. I feel younger and more energetic. There is really something to this. It is the real deal.

One is not enough...

- 06/12/2014

I am experienced nano pendant user, I have just four :)
The Best in every way, I am repeating - the best! I dont care about design so much because I wear it under my shirt, but those are beauties for sure. And the technology is top notch, nano technology, lemurians, gold, etc.
And they are made with love I am convinced, I dont know the makers (D and L) personally but I feel good vibe from them.

Lena, Dennis, thank you very much for your products!


- 06/25/2014

This is my first orgonite piece and I wasn't sure what to expect, or if I should really expect anything. My nerves feel soothed and I just feel a positive inclination throughout the day. I've been wearing my pendant for almost a week and the effect is stronger each day. Thank you so much for the extras, I've already gifted one and I'm enjoying the others around my home! It's clear that these pieces were made with love and I will be back for more!

Increases Bovis (Vibrations)

- 07/02/2014

I am just starting to recognize the vibrations of everything, and even the food that I work with at my fast food job vibrates much more when I am around it for even 10 minutes!! Fast food!!! Simply the best orgonite online, thank you. This is the site I will be buying more orgonite from.

Nano Lemurian Protector Pendant review

- 09/02/2014

After reading all the reviews and then ordering and trying this pendant for myself, all I can say is that it lives up to the expectations and more! If you are energy sensitive you will know without a doubt once you receive the item that it is legit compared to all other orgone products on the market. It also came with wonderful extra's which I must thank the owners for but nevertheless, this item is as legit and beautiful as it gets. Thank you from Australia!

Beautiful energy and appearance!

- 10/02/2014

This orgonite piece is great! The energy is wonderful, and when I put it on I got a sense of calm, like a feeling that all was good! It is an instant mood changer for the better, and try it on your 3rd eye during meditation! This is a higher dimensional hack cutting down the time it takes for me to reach higher states of consciousness! :)

Outstanding !

- 10/11/2014

The quality of product & service here is AAA+!...simply outstanding! This is a very smooth & warm pendant that consistantly makes you feel good...All the ingredients right down to the integrity of the creator are captured & felt in this piece when you wear it...This is one nice piece of organite !
So Thank-You Dennis & Lena !...& a big thanks for the extra goodies...I love 'em!
I highly recommend this piece to anyone thinking of getting one...absolutely superb!...& in terms of doing busines here, it just doesn't get any better than this!...So thanks again to all who make this venture happen...You're helping to make the world a better place...& that's a great thing !


Took two days to start feeling it but very happy.

- 12/04/2014

Though I've had three $700 PS watches that have done the same thing, it's been too hard to keep them running well. So I've been getting by without for a while. Started looking around online and found a reccomendation for these products. After reading the reviews, (very similar to the reviews I'd read before buying the first watch), I thought I'd take a $95 chance. Much cheaper than going for another watch. First day, nothing. Second day,I felt my sensitivity to my cell phone was decreased. That's great because I use my phone WAY too much and it can really drain me. But going to bed the second night I felt that same calm peaceful feeling that the watches used to give. So nice to have that back again. Then my dreams were super clear that night. Glad I took the chance. Ninety-five dollars is cheap for what it does. Thanks!


- 02/19/2015

The energy is wonderful! There was no getting "blown away" by it so to speak, but within just a few hours it started to surround me and I felt incredibly safe. More confident even. I had more pep in my step and kept smiling at people I didn't know for no reason (I don't live in the best neighborhood... smiles are less common), AND THEY SMILED BACK! That just doesn't happen. I glowed all day. And the next day. My other noticed it within a minute or so (i had a shirt and jacket on, she was not aware I had received one) and stated after holding it, that it was the most amazing thing she's ever held. Currently, she is going through some heart-ache from family and has just been really down. And so with great difficulty, I parted ways with the pendant. And happy for it! She has called back multiple times in a wonderful cheery attitude that I've noticed has been absent from her for a month! Shortly after parting with it though (within an hour), I felt the energy's absence as well - like had given her my jacket on a cold day, and didn't realize how cold I had been in the first place before putting it on.

Awesome companion, Love it.

- 03/20/2015

From the moment I got the pendant I could feel a buzz in my hand from holding it. Very strong because of the nano iron and nano crystals but subtle because of the gold. I Received the overclocked version and love it because I thrive off of high energy items like moldavite. Even then it took a few days to get used to the power from this pendant. At school people would try and sit closer to me and talk to me more often when wearing this pendant. Great energy, very protective from negative energy's. I can recover from being around negative people much faster when wearing this pendant. This is a beautiful piece of orgone technology and the extras are great! Good price for this amazing product.


- 04/01/2015

I just got it last night. It was well worth the wait. I was very surprised with the extras I'm going to gift them to friends. The nano pendant gives off a very calm vibe and i couldnt stop admiring its beauty definetly worth it. I bought another emf stress pendant from another place wasnt orgone though, and it was $119. I wish i couldve found this pendant before I bought it, plus I didnt get any extras like ordering from orgonecrystals. I will re-order again thanks :)


- 08/03/2015

Jesus God, this is a powerful pendant! I've been feeling a strong sense of euphoria since putting it on. It strengthens my aura and makes my whole body tingle with bliss. It's not only functional but a gorgeous work of art. Much gratitude to Sensei Dennis and Lena for making this wonderful item available.

Beautiful GIft

- 08/07/2015

I bought this for my better half a couple years ago when she was pregnant with our son and she quickly fell in love with it! When she would go to bed I would often wear it while I worked late at night and I always seemed to feel great with it around my neck. Now I can rarely borrow it because she keeps it with her at all times. Even if she's not wearing it, she usually has it in a small pocket in her bag. It always draws attention and comments when we're out. It's simple, elegant design gives it an undeniable beauty and it contains two of our favorite stones!
The bonus gifts are always so fun to receive and even after some re-gifting our place looks like a mini Easter Island! Love!!!!

Sensei's pendant

- 08/14/2015

Hey, I just received my pendant a couple of days ago and basically I'll never take it off anymore haha. It is so well made and beautiful + it feels great to wear. Thanks for the extras as well, they went to a good place!

- 01/06/2016

The most incredible thing I have ordered online. I am in love

Amazing vibes

- 01/09/2016

Today I had the most positive vibes, meeting great people and having a great time at practice today. As I got home, lo and behold, my Nano Lemurian Pendant came in ! That was where this lovely energy is coming from ! I opened the package and wow, the energy is something I cant describe, soothing calm and a confidence that protection is always there. Also thanks for the extras Dennis ! I love it ! I cant wait to see what happens tomorrow while at practice again :)

Protection from Satanic Frequencies

- 01/12/2016

I felt the protective scalar waves as it arrived in my mail box a week ago. This positive energy generating device has been bringing amazing things to my life ever since. It arrived in time before I went to a trip to big bear for snow boarding this past weekend. It snowed heavily, but this pendant protected my and my friends through the weather and brought perfect snowboarding weather when we arrived. Positive vibes were the only thing that existed around me and my friends and I ended up showing one of my friends and his girlfriend my pendant. She is very sensitive to energies and also felt a negative energy in our rented out cabin. The negative energy was never around when I was around with my pendant and she said it made sense to her when I showed her my pendant. They loved it and was amazed by it and would definitely want to become healthy especially with a protecting device like this. I arrived back to San Diego healed from the natural undisturbed snowfall and habitat with the amplifying nano orgone protector pendant around my neck. I have never been so close with my girlfriend ever since this pendant. My girlfriend knows very little of orgonite, but I told her simply to sleep with the bigger piece next to you to protect yourself from EMFs during REM sleep, and keep the other in your purse for daily protection. She's stayed positive and blissful ever since. Thank you so much Dennis for your wonderful gift, definitely recommended for anyone who wants to protect themselves from daily excessive exposure to EMFs and microwaves, and to stay healthy and positive until the "event" - where peace and love prevails and humanity rises to the 4th dimension.


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