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Nano Lemurian (Sensei's) Pendant Black Reviews for the product - Nano Lemurian (Sensei's) Pendant Black (Back to product)
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Very nice

- 09/30/2017

This was my first piece of orgonite. I am very happy with it. I ordered some other things too. I received extra's with my purchase which was very nice, my partner just kept pulling things out of the package. When she first walked in with the package I felt an energy push then started getting a pressure in my throat which only lasted a few seconds. I immediately put on the pendant and afterwards felt like I had drank a bit of caffeine except it was clean and not edgy. Three hours after having it on I got slightly nauseous. I forgot at first that people say this happens as a detox reaction. I knew it was from the pendant though, it was a similar feeling to when my partner first brought it in that just continued and made me a bit nauseous. It happened again six hours of having it on then seemed to stop with the nauseating feeling. I was happy about this because I knew it was working. I am a very satisfied customer, will recommend and purchase from again.

Wow oh wow

- 03/07/2017

I purchased the nano lemurian (sensei's)pendant black a couple of weeks ago. Right off the bat we had tons of clouds. They had been spraying us (chemtrails) quite heavy. After putting it on within about 10 to 20 minutes I looked out of my kitchen window and I saw a blue patch of sky's. Over the next hour all clouds disappeared. Heavenly blue sky's. Wow oh wow was I excited. I have also noticed a calmness and a feeling of well being. Seems to balance me out. No one acting out around me and my emotions seem more steady. I love this pendant. You won't go wrong by choosing it. Thank you Orgone Crystals. Superior products. Oh any many extras in the package also. I was quite surprised and grateful!!!!!!

life enjoyment enhanced

- 02/19/2017

I bought the pendant late last year and my life began slowly but consistently improving shortly after. I am not 100% sure it is the reason but I have a job now that I am actually grateful for outside of monetary reasons. I am in a better mood and I have made more friends in the last couple of months than I have in the past couple of years. I don't personally feel energy coming from the pendant but I do feel there have been significant changes in my life since I began wearing it.

everything I hoped for and more.

- 11/08/2016

I received the pendant a few days ago along with some extras.Its a powerful pendant,felt like my life force is charging very rapidly.My energy field has greatly enhanced. I have a large sized HHG and this pendant is more powerful and much smaller. Very happy, Will buy more things on here when the time comes.

Excellent quality

- 06/30/2016

The pendant was flawlessly constructed with a certain type of plastic that is slippery to the touch. It emits a great energy; I am grateful to receive such gifts.


- 07/01/2015

I only had my pendant for a few days now and i must say I don't regret buying it at all. A few days prior to receiving it in the mail,I notice a shift in the atmosphere around me. I have had good things happen to me from the moment i put it on, it definitely does put a bubble of positive energy around you. Usually when I come into contact with negative people or incidents, I have a hard time recovering but with this pendant, I recover in no time and negative attacks that try to come forth are blocked. I ordered the hhg home shield last year from this site and it worked just as good but i wanted something that I could wear all the time especially when i had to leave my apartment. I was amazed at how powerful this pendant is and the great thing is it started working right away. Very strong. This is the best site for ordering orgone products, everything i've ordered from them works and the extra gifts are awesome. Thanks Dennis & Lena

The Fixer

- 12/09/2014

Have had the review for this 'on the burner' for a while now, so here we go. This is a nice pendant...solid,'s a 'do-er'. I find this pendant helps to very much bring into balance or negate any environmental & mind/body energies that are out of sync. I call this one 'The Fixer''s definitely a 'do-er' & has an assertive demeanor without being overwhelming. For me, it's like a multi-tasker...wearing this pendant just makes things 'right'. So thanks again Dennis & Lena ! I (& I'm sure a whole lot of other people too) appreciate your contributions in making this world a better place...That's what we're all here for.
I highly recommend this pendant to anyone who gets a blip on their 'radar screen' with this one...& as far as doing business here...It doesn't get any better than this...AAA+! in the business department...Thanks again D & L !

Worth every penny!

- 10/09/2014

Ok it is time I review this. It has been a week since I received this pendant. Amazing. Everybody seems to be nicer to me. I'm guessing that is because it highten my own freq. And those that continue to attack are not successful at all. And all these opportunity are opening up for me.
Thanks a million Dennis! And the extras as usual, which I gifted to the neighbors - I forward their grat as well. Love

Best Orgonite by far!

- 10/02/2014

I also purchased the original pendant, and you can't go wrong with either of these! I mentioned in my review about the original nano pendant that these pieces are "hacks" to other dimensions! I am able to meditate so much quicker and deeper using these pendants. Another added advantage is that as soon as I put it on, my shoulder pain in the right shoulder vanished! I have many orgonite pieces, stones with vibratory frequencies, and variety of energy lasers that would not assist with my shoulder pain the way these Nano pendants did! I believe these pendants assist the body to vibrate at frequencies that promote healing for the body and mind. I am a believer!


- 07/21/2014

Just as there are 3 layers to this pendant, I feel that it pulls the 3 layers of me (physical, mental, spiritual) together. I feel less scattered & may never take it off!! Love, love, love it. Thank you so much!!!

Excellent Pendant

- 07/19/2014

Just received this in the mail yesterday. So powerful. It's already helped me quiet the psychic attack I have been under for a few weeks (which was the reason I got it in the first place). I believe it will prove to be a powerful tool in helping me realize my true destiny. Thank you for the extras, I know just what everything is for.

Nano Lemurian Sensei's Pendant black

- 06/29/2014

Hi Dennis,
I am sorry that this email of thanks is reaching you now.
I received (Nano Lemurian Sensei's Pendant black) without worries over a year ago sometime in May2013.
I MUST confess that this item has transformed my life for GOOD. It really helped me in area of SHYNESS.
I used to be a very shy man and always shy of the female company during conversations...I used to appear withdrawn and I lacked boldness.
But since I started wearing this item, my life CHANGED. It appears something negative left my life. I am a complete NEW man. I am bold, energetic, healthy, likeable, friendly and acceptable by people. I also feel happy and good in myself.
I sleep very well and wake up refreshed. I see my life improve for good on a daily basis.
I will mention that I am also getting positively metaphysical. I no longer have BAD nightmares/dreams when I sleep but good ones...and there is something about this item that guides/protects me and my loved it works through me. Mt intuition has heightened. I easily sense negative people. I also once had a dream about this pendant ( I looked inside this item and saw a small constant candlelight flame glowing inside it and the light was brilliantly protected from physical hand touching).
I am African, and in years past, I was exposed to voodoo/juju/occultism/spells/charms etc, but I must confess that this item is very potent and alive and works more than juju/charms. It has LIGHT of higher vibration/frequency and destroys the appearance of EVIL.
Thank you Dennis. May the blessing Be!

Best pendant I have or had (and I have or had PLENTY)

- 06/12/2014

I am experienced nano pendant user, I have just four :)
The Best in every way, I am repeating - the best! I dont care about design so much because I wear it under my shirt, but those are beauties for sure. And the technology is top notch, nano technology, lemurians, gold, etc.
And they are made with love I am convinced, I dont know the makers (D and L) personally but I feel good vibe from them.

Lena, Dennis, thank you very much for your products!


- 06/08/2014

After got it, I sleep very very well. mood also improve. use to quarrel a lot at home, now very peaceful. Lena and Sensei give me back my sleep, and most importantly, they has given me back my life! has just order nano shield. I believe strongly I won't be disappointed!


- 05/17/2014

I am in love with this pendant. When I opened the package I couldn't put it down it's just mesmerizing. enchanted even! It has a great calming effect and really helps you focus and block out almost all negative energy that's around. I also sleep very sound and always have lucid dreams as long as it is with me. I would recommend this pendant for anyone and everyone. thank you so much orgone crystals for the beautiful pendant and the little surprises that it came with! many thanks :)

Wow! :)

- 03/17/2014

Just got our order today of this pendant, the gold sensei pendant, and nano tube and am very happy! The positive energy was noticeable upon the package arriving at home and the clouds appeared to part to reveal the sun after we opened it up! I am constantly impressed by the power of Orgone and would recommend it to anyone! Don't hesitate if you are skeptical about these products because they really work! Thank you so much and the free goodies were an awesome bonus!

This works!!!!

- 02/23/2014

This is by far, the best orgone pendant I've ever owned! I actually felt it helping my crown area.I feel less shifting to my crown area now and this is a welcome change. I initially felt a light buzz to the area when I first handled your orgone pendant and now that has subsided as I'm getting accustomed to the piece. Felt calmer today at work, despite the heavy stressors and slept with no interference from the telephone pole buzzzing and EMF from my gadgets last night. My moms ill tempered cat jumped on top of my bed, next to the items and became very approachable and loving as soon as I received the items. You'd think he was near catnip :). Although, I am not new to orgone I did want to mention, that just like one of your reviewers, I was having issues with entities and spirits as well. I was also astraly projecting out of my body at night, while dealing with draining attacks. Having sessions with my personal healers and shamans helped, but I stepped it up with orgone 3 years ago. As a result, orgone has done double duty for me :). Trying out this piece, has undoubtedly left me wanting more. I will be buying your orgone nano shield next.

Nano lemurian Protector Pendant

- 11/23/2013

Just received my pendant this morning. One word, gorgeous! The energy is beautiful.

Thank you so much for the free gifts and for taking the time to create such wonderful products.

I am really grateful and will be ordering again soon.

Love and Light


- 05/20/2013

I ordered two sensei pendants. The day I got them was absolutely amazing. Very good positive things happened for a lot of people around me. I believe in orgonite and would recommend it to everyone, it definitely works and you have everything to gain.

energy safari

- 02/12/2013

I chose this pendant because two reviewers mentioned receiving help with their eyesight and I hoped for similar. I was sorry to notice that the thong was a leather talisman of animal suffering, I also noticed people’s reports of sleeping disturbances with some dismay – but I have slept like a fossil log, without any problem, though I did take it off one night just to be sure...

I was busy as the pendant arrived so I just eyed it briefly and put it on. But later I noticed a more yang, somewhat more dynamic style when talking with friends, I felt the conversation went in a different way to usual. There seemed a better rapport and fewer ‘misunderstandings’ occurred. I felt a bit different somehow, too.

In conversation, I seemed to already be further onto their wavelength and seemed to grab their attention slightly more. I might have seemed slightly more interesting to them. Since most all we talk about is illusion and daydreams - perhaps I just lied better. I remember that I enjoyed their company greatly, laughed more, and felt that I better sensed how to lift them from their default obsessions and worries.

I monitor my most important relationship – that connection with the True Self - with great interest, and the pendant seems not to harm this.

There was a quiet spell for a week or two, whilst I guess I adjusted… then one day a strange meeting occurred - with a statue of an animal - which led to meeting the living power and guardianship of this ancient ‘power animal’ - who has since led me on a journey into realms I thought were mere fantasy, fiction & fairytale…Like hitching a ride on a dragon or a unicorn, you might find that your life is enriched by the creatures and energies you encounter… Or perhaps it is simply what each of us is ready for, that we may be propelled into….I’m sure that my saga started due to the energy of the pendant, which somehow set me up to meet the energy of the guardian animal, who continues to provide seemingly endless and interesting encounters and learnings. Jack D (UK)

Nano Orgone Protector Pendant

- 01/27/2013

The moment I put this beautiful pendant I felt a great "centering" and calming effect which continues to this day. I love how positive and happy it makes me feel, I literally don't go anywhere without it. My interactions with others are more positive, negative vibes just seem to deflect away somehow - I love that.

Initially I was too worried to sleep in it, having read the earlier reviews, but within two weeks I was fine (unless of course I count that time when I almost garotted myself when the pendant ended up over my shoulder and I had tried to get out of bed too quickly (Ha - It could ONLY happen to me! ;)

There has been absolutely no pitting and it remains as smooth and perfect today as it was the day it first arrived. Big thankyou to Sensei and Lena for this marvellous peice and also for the freebies that came with it, what a lovely suprise and very much appreciated.

One more thing though, I do find I have more energy, particularly at night. I've been going to bed really, really late since wearing this all the time (hence writing this at 04:42hrs - ha...bring on those night shifts!

Thanks again Sensei and Lena, bless you both.

Spiritual energy and healing

- 11/05/2012

I have been wearing Sensei's Pendant for 9 days now with fantastic results. As an educator, I work with many wonderful people, but because I am so emphatic, I pick up on the negative energy of large groups. Depending on the energy in the room, I can feel absolutely drained at the end some classes, particularly those where there is concentrations of negative energy. Since wearing the Pendent, I have felt far less depleted when working with a particular group. I also placed the "extras" that Lena and Sensei so generously gifted. Curiously, people are much more calm and several have stuck around after class to visit with each other and myself. What's more, after putting the extras around my house, I have noticed that my lamp lights flicker when I enter the bedrooms and living room. I have felt chills run through me several times, with feelings of peace and joy. I like to think that the higher frequency energy is allowing for strong connections with my spirit guides. I will be ordering more from Orgone Crystals so I can share the love! Thanks Sensei and Lena for sharing these products of love and light!

Really great

- 10/07/2012

Thank you so much for the powerful, good vibrations (and for the extra goodies!!). It took me a little while before I could wear it for a full day, but now I don't want to put it down!

I understand

- 09/07/2012

Hello, If you would have asked me months ago i would never have believed in negative entity's and spirits until i was attacked by one that threw my chakras balance WAY out of whack. Sensi and his wife fixed me right up with a nano protector pendant, tbs, and a few pyramids. Each day i could feel more and more negative energy being purged from my mind, and body and my newly developed psychosis died away. I would sleep with the pendant in my hands and my body stooped astral projecting on its own and being attacked. Since then i have made some of my own orgonite for safety and i just gave away my nano pendant 2 days ago because i finally feel strong enough where i no longer need it. I understand the power of gifting and positive energy now. The pendant help give my life some meaning and that's when my psychosis was purged from my mind. Long story short You guys saved me and I very much appreciative. This website is not a business but a gift from god itself tthank you for you kindness

Thank you!

- 08/02/2012

It's really beautiful, and wow what an amazing work.

Thanks for the gifts my children love them. Will definitely recommend this site and try making them.

Cheers from Down Under

- 06/15/2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you for our lovely pendants.

My husband and I felt their power immediately and it felt wonderful, we can't go without them now. They create a lot of conversations and hopefully a lot of referrals.

We send much gratitude for our pendants and the special gifts which we are very excited to try out. (and review in their appropriate sections)

We send loads of appreciation, love and positive thoughts. Cheers


- 04/12/2012

Thanks Sensei! is an excellent, beautiful and powerful pendant!

Thank you Sensei, Thank you Lena.

- 04/07/2012

I thought that I had to write a review expressing my gratitute to the sensei, thank you Mr. Dennis

Wonderful people with big hearts

- 03/14/2012

The orgonite my husband and i received were of course beautiful, from all the.other reviewers comments there's no need to elaborate on that, but the customer service that i received was outstanding. There was a snafu with my order and Lena was absolutely wonderful and fully took care of me. If you want an amazing product AND service that can't be beat, then Sensei and Lena are the people to buy from. Thanks so much for all that you did for me :) the extras are very nice too!

Very Satisfied!

- 03/09/2012

After opening the package both me and my fiancy felt the energy and had to put them down for a while. Great energy! i had been tired all day but after putting this on both of us where in a bright, happy, energetic mood for the rest of the evening. Slept like a baby with this under my pillow. Great dreams!


- 02/17/2012

This pendant is truly amazing. Thanks for all the time and energy spent on perfecting your techniques and the care you put into everything. Not only does the pendant feel great but it looks great as well. Thank you for the extras , they will be put to good use.


- 09/26/2011

I just recieved my pendant and i have to say i love it!! thank you dennis!! The wait was worth it. I instantly felt the orgone doing its job right out of the box. Also, the extras are very much appreaciated. I will be back for more!


- 09/22/2011

This pendant is a true masterpiece, Dennis. It's beyond obvious that a great deal of care, detail, and love was put into the creation of it. The energy this pendant emanates is absolutely amazing. It has given me a major energy boost over the last few days I've been wearing it. Vivid dreams as well. I've been struggling with severe depression for years, so this will definitely be a healing aid for me. The pendant has also cleared my mind quite a bit and, along with the generous extras you sent.


- 09/12/2011

I absolutely love this. After experiencing first-hand what Orgonite can do, I wanted to get the best wearable piece I could find.. and this is it. The only time I take it off is to shower and sometimes I have to put it away from where I'm sleeping (but not usually, now that I'm used to it) due to the high level of energy this gives me. It's very well constructed, I'm not at all disappointed in the slightest, very very good. I don't know how you do it Sensei, but you do. Thank you very much for the extras too.


- 08/07/2011

I was very excited to receive two Nano pendants for my partner and myself, and when they arrived it was a lovely day. I find these pendants fascinating. They definitely have aligned and corresponded with massive positive changes in my life ie. live raw food diet and even career changes! I find these pendants more akin to 'living beings' than jewellery...they emanate a gentle but constant energy which reminds us of our own subtle bodies and energies and how we can improve our relationship with all.


- 06/10/2011

I just received this pendant and I have to say with the extra's I feel very grateful. I received more than I expected. The pendant is great I love it, the energy is very noticeable. It is much smaller and lighter than I expected which I am happy about. I am very impressed thanks Sensei and Lena I really appreciate it. When you buy from orgonecrystals your not just getting high quality products your supporting a great cause and people with generous hearts. thanks again it was worth the wait.


- 03/22/2011

This is so powerful and I just got it today. Wow, I am speechless. It is amazing and what a lovely design. Keep up the great work and thanks again Dennis Sensei.


- 01/02/2011

beautiful pendant and i love the extras, you've out done yourself sensei


- 12/02/2010

I've only had my pendant for 24 hours. But, it looks like Sensei Dennis has another customer for life. First, the design. If Dennis wanted to quit experimenting, I think he could make a living in jewelry design. The design of the black pendant: stark, mysterious, and distinctive, really makes a statement! I've only worn it out ONE time. But, several people commented on the beauty of the compelling 3-D moon floating against the deep black sky. rnrnNow, the power. I have never been able to feel


- 10/12/2010

This is a beautiful pendant and very powerful. I am truly amazed by the craftsmanship that has gone into it. Plus my vision is coming back thanks sensei.

Great Work

- 09/18/2010

The new piece, looks like another great work of art. Hopefully this pendant won't collapse a house? Jolly good Show! Jay C

Skeptical.. Not after I tried it!!!

- 09/01/2010

I was a little skeptical at first about this site, and orgone technology. So I bought this product to give it a chance and test it out. I have to say that I am pleased with my purchase. I no longer have doubts about this site, or orgone technology, and encourage anyone on the fence to give orgone a chance. :) I currently wear my orgone pendant at all times. Thank you Sensei Dennis. Blessings to all.

Packs a Punch!

- 05/08/2010

This pendant packs a punch. Immediately after wearing it felt strong surges of energy. Thanks very much

Vivid Dreams!!

- 04/22/2010

There is a definite buzz that prevents sleep. I also had vivid dreams, though none of the profuse sweating. Certainly feels like something is going on.


- 03/22/2010

this pendant is absolutely amazing, very potent and restoreing, first thing I noticed was that my vision felt like i had upgraded my eyes from 1.3 mega pixels to 10! also i've been abnormaly focussed and calm since putting it on. it also feels like all the bad or unstable things in my system are being corrected, as well as my body needing to get used to the initial shock of raw power this thing produces. also it turned out i had a negative being hosted in me that i didnt even know about, the fir


- 03/19/2010

Power. at first almost unnerving-- this piece has some JUICE to say the least. recommended for anyone that wants to keep themselves orgonized at all times....not recommended to sleep in initially--woke up drenched the first time i did by accidnet. Also if you are addicted to stimulants such as caffiene or nicotine i think itd help tremendously-its energetic to say the least(have to take it off an hour before bed chance) As someone who dislikes jewelry, i was skeptical at first.


- 03/13/2010

YEEEHAW!!!!!!! Get in, sit down and hang on! Beautiful, tasteful styling combined with state of the art nano orgonite. I love this piece very much. A detailed review at this link

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