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Lemurian Cloud Buster
Lemurian Cloud Buster

An Orgone Cloud Buster with a Lemurian Seed Crystal in the Matrix.

Comes with top spacer.  Just add connectors and six 5-foot copper pipes.

(Unit pictured is the gold upgrade, Standard unit darker in appearence)

Price: $345.00
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Great product

- 09/06/2013

As soon as it was delivered by the delivery truck, I took it out of the box and not more than 20 seconds the lowest and biggest chemtrail I have ever seen went right over my house (almost as if it was welcoming the chembuster). I have had the chembuster for about a year now and the results are amazing, nice blue skies and puffy white clouds like it use to be. I have mine in a 5 gallon bucket of water and a ground wire hooked to a metal fence post. I run water into the bucket daily to keep it fresh. I use six 10 ft. cooper pipes and the chemtrails dissolve almost instantly in most cases. Raining in the county where I live more often than in the past (don`t know if it is because of the chembuster, but it is very possible).


- 06/28/2013

Blue skies once again - thank you so much!!!

Thank you soooooo much!

- 12/27/2012

I was praying this would work and told myself that if it did I would actually write a review comment, which I have never done before. Being a bit of a skeptic I had to convince my husband to go along with this purchase. Amazed at how it well it works and smile every time weather man says the night before that it will be cloudy etc. Above my house I now get real blue skies (not that milky-white color) and what looks like real looking clouds. It is funny to see this circle of blue sky surrounded by these milky-white ones. Bye-bye chem clouds. I can't thank you enough for this knowledge and your willingness to share. Only wish more people would make these or purchase them and put them in their yards too. God Bless you for what you do to help everyone.

GREAT device

- 09/28/2012

I placed it outside in my flower bed. Works miracles. The day package arrived rained all day. Now I have beautiful blue sky, works great.. I have it for 1 month now. No more smell from paper plant, Love it. Thank you Lena and Sensei!!!

Cloud Buster

- 06/08/2012

Rec'd my ( 2 ) Gallon Orgone Cloud Buster, and it really does work, DURING GOOD WEATHER. They spray during nice weather anyway.

But note: When it "Rains" the water gets down into the Matrix & resulting in "Not" working properly. So I place "PVC" PLUGS, over the top of the Tubing, During bad weather ; thus preventing the water from getting inside.....!


- 05/07/2012

I'm just testing to see if the review is real or not, if you read this it is real


- 10/12/2010

I did not even add the copper pipes yet and it cleared the sky wow. I stood in front of it and could feel the positive energy flowing through me. Very powerful and the price is right. Can't wait to see what it does when I add the copper pipes.

Best Choice

- 01/24/2008

I own the standard unit. It is a 2 gallon unit. For the amount of work that goes into one of these babies I believe the price is right. You do have an added cost of purchasing pipes and connectors when you get the base but it is better to save the shipping cost and put it toward the one inch copper pipe.It looks great. Over time the copper will form a patina finish on the outside as expected. It is a great device. If you combine this with a city that has already had a lot of the towers gifted with TB's then the weather will balance out. It has rained more in the past 5 weeks where I live than it did most of last year. Great investment. Bury it in the ground with the top just above the dirt level. D. Augusta, GA

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