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Orgone Nano Tube -glass
Orgone Nano Tube -glass
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 Simple, elegant and works like a charm !

 A borosilicate stir wand, filled with nano orgone material and 24 karat gold and tipped with an Amethyst Sphere.

Stir any beverage for 30 seconds to impart a noticable orgone charge and vastly improve the taste of any beverage.  Eliminates the chlorine taste in tap water (amazing !) .

8 inches in length.

Gets rid of the  bitter tastes in coffee or tea. Makes cheap wine taste like an expensive vintage! 

Proven to alkalize water PH !



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Truly Amazing!

liberta - 04/29/2015

Not much else I can say this is absolutely amazing! Improves the quality of drinks significantly. I drink strong short black coffees and after stirring with this for a bit the bitter taste is completely gone, incredible!

Equally impressive is it does remove the chlorine from tap water. I live right by the water treatment plant so tap water here is excessively strong with chlorine but after stirring it for a while I can't smell it anymore. I'm still not game to drink it though, but if tap water was a last resort I wouldn't drink it without stirring it with the nano tube first.

Lena & Dennis are both an inspiration, thank you and much love to you both

Portable, effective, rugged

StepsToKnowledge student - 11/06/2014

I am hard on my possessions. This has lived in my backpack going everywhere with me for many years. My version is in a somewhat less conductive material (plastic) but everybit worth the investment I put in it, and the craftsmanship, quality of ingredients, intention, and execution of making the product is top shelf.

There is nothing here, on this Orgone Crystals, anywhere from Lena & Sensei that leaves anything to be desired. I am always more than satisfied and happy to have made the purchase or to have asked the question of the community on forum. This is a result of these 2's values and demonstration in how they live their own humble lives.

I cannot believe what a boon it has been to find & get to know this site, & to know the efforts and attitudes of these 2 people & this energetic & healing tool in my life & those of the lives around me.

Everything I have ordered has lasted and lasted for years, many of the things I have made myself do not have this kind of ruggedness, always. Blessings all & gift that living/standing water as Ruth always says!

Phenomenal Device

Orgone Aficionado - 10/05/2014

Firstly, I am a huge fan of Sensei Dennis' products and fine craftsmanship. But, this has to be my favorite purchase yet! Every liquid or beverage that I have treated with the Orgone Nano Tube has become exceptionally better and infused with positivity. Even bottled water emerges tasting like gold! Everyone should have one of these in their home!


Heather - 04/10/2014

Just got my Nano Tube tonight! Thank you SO MUCH! It is amazing that it truly changes the taste of liquids!

Very nice inexpensive tool

Art - 12/13/2012

I use this to stir my coffee each morning. I'll also stir other beverages when I'm at home. It does change the flavor for the better in a subtle way.

Hits the spot.

Matt - 11/18/2012

Sometimes I use a powdered vitamin that I mix with water. A few days ago I began to stir the mix with the Nano Tube. I felt an immediate improvement in some little nagging physical issues that had been going on. Now, after only about three times of stirring the mixture, I am feeling very physically and mentally revitalized. Also, I did an experiment today. We filter our tap water through a gravity filter and try to remove as much fluoride as possible--so our water is pretty good to begin with. Well, I put some water into two glasses directly from the filter, then stirred one of them for 30 seconds with the Nano Tube in order to taste test them. Well, it is true what people say. The unstirred (but still filtered) water came off as "hard" and off-tasting, but the treated water was smooth, soft, calming, and balanced. I would say that it reflected in Taste what orgonite feels like in Spirit. Thanks again for all you do.

Don't know how it works but it does

desertguy - 11/04/2011

We have extremely hard water here in the Southwest, but 20 to 30 seconds of stirring with this wand and it positively tastes sweet. This is the best bang for the buck I think there is. Somebody needs to run some tests on these and find out how they do this.


Jim Larson - 05/14/2011

the drink stirrer wand has a nice potent energy to it, i tested it first with my non energy sensitive step dad with a glass of tap water, he said the difference was subtle but that the drink felt smoother. i tried it as well and the effect is the same for me as well, as a metaphor its like running your fingers through clean silky smooth hair rather then hair that has some frizzyness and occasional knots. also intense artificial flavors or chemicals seem to be lessened when using it.


Kari S - 01/10/2011

My FIRST test was of McDonald's coffee.l It worked! I also often use it on our local water, which tastes pretty bad. It takes the chemical taste RIGHT out! And, I use it on GOOD tasting drinks, just to give them a nice, orgonic charge. Thanks, Sensei! Thanks, Lena!

Five stars

Ruth - 11/17/2010

I went to a neighborhood meeting last night and drank tap water from a pitcher on the table- YECH! I'd forgotten how bad it tasted- stale, with a chemical aftertaste. And we're not even fluoridated! The nano tube makes the water taste fresh and removes the chemical taste and smell. It's small size and light weight make it convenient to carry in my purse with my Succor punch, and I believe it helps maintain the D cell's charge by induction. A multi purpose tool that I'd recomend to anyone.


Melvin - 06/12/2010

Wow!!!!I love this thing...well worth the rnprice! This little thing works great...I noticed immediately how it cleared up my sinus problems that I had been dealing with at the time... It really does charge and restructure the liquid so that it is more balanced and hydrating...a valuable little tool to have as we continue to move into higher dimensions and frequencies...keep it up Sensei Dennis..."Orgone Is The Key"!!! Mel Chicago, IL

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