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4 Personal Pyramid Orgone Generating Transformers - Amethyst
4 Personal Pyramid Orgone Generating Transformers - Amethyst
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4 Personal size Pyramid Orgone Generating Transformers

Made with Amethyst, Herkimer Diamonds and nano orgone matrix material.

Metals are aluminum and brass and copper.

The flat top is ideal for clearing and charging crystals.

Perfect Atmospheric Conditioner for Home, Car and Office, plus some to share with friends.

Each Pyramid now contains the new Nano Lemurian Orgone Material, Blue Kyanite and Selenite Crystals.

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Amethyst Wonders!

Frank R Crenshaw of NM - 03/02/2013

I ordered these a while back and when i took these out of the package, definitely a power punch to my Brow Chakra and left a good strong buzzing in my head. I really appreciate Dennis and the family with putting plenty of Selenite in these to work hard on cleansing these lil doo-hickys bc they are work horses with all the WiFi,House hold electrical Radiation, and stuff. Selenite is fairly cheap and very powerful, would like to see u folks make some "Ascension Orgone" with fairly cheap quartz from one of those crystal Bibles :)


Love Project - 01/26/2013

***** I Got Lots these to give to Loved ones as well my own house! Not only is the Product itself the SO reasonable in Price, Beautiful in presentation, but ALSO the People who make them are filled with LOVE & positive intention. They also send you gifts! So much more than I thought would be coming arrived I would ABSOLUTELY Recommend any product on this website! Love!

Fantastic Orgonites!

Geir Arne - 11/12/2012

Thank you so very much for these orgonites, Sensei! I have had my best sleep ever, and I'm dreaming a lot now, compared to before! I placed them around in our apartment, and also gave one to my parents, and a couple to my friends. I'm also very thankful for the extras, and our 6 years old daughter got the beautiful small orgonites, as well as one of the bigger ones in her own room. All respects to you, Sensei, for making these effective and beautiful orgone generators!!!

Absolutely Amazing Energy!

Louie - 08/15/2012

Absolutely Amazing Energy!

First off when researching on this Orgone devices stuff I was open minded but was fighting myself from the what is this is a scam targeting people who are newly found spiritualty in their lives. I took the leap of faith and went with my gut feeling and oh how I’m so glad I did!
My family has had a rough start this year with many different issues: Family, health, and money.
As soon as the package arrived in the mail I could already feel the energy from the devices inside.
I place one pyramids in the living room since MANY guest come to my family’s house, there is never less than 5 people in that house. My guests have already commented on the atmosphere feeling “way chiller’ ”.
One was placed in my sister’s room since she has had a very rough time with a relationship she is in, her mood is just not the best since things got rocky. Her attitude just did a 180 in less than 5 hours!
I place the third pyramid in my room and I have been having sleeping issues for a while due to the family issues that have been coming up. I slept like a baby last night and woke up with a surge of positive energy! I took the pyramid with me to work today. The tense competiveness in the atmosphere here has toned down a lot today!
I have yet to place the fourth pyramid out but I know exactly where it needs to go with the great shift my family has noticed.



PS: Thanks for the extras!

Beautiful and Powerful

Chantel - 07/03/2012

Opened up the box with the pyramids and crystals and wow, what a rush of energy from them. Beautifully crafted. Now one sits in all our rooms and I had some of the best sleep in my life last night. Thank you again for all the extra goodies too. They will all be put to good use and will order more in the future.

ohh snaps!

king Ruffie - 06/11/2012

Jus got my orgone generators in The mail. Legit! My best friend is having twins soon and now i have.the perfect gift. Thanks for The extras. Spread the love....sat naam.

strong oputput

Carlos - 05/25/2012

Those small pyramids really deliver a lot for their size. They are so useful! I placed them in the corners of my bedroom and sleep so much better.
Thank again for sharing your wonderful work!

Very Nice

Zak - 02/25/2012

Received my pyramids extremely quickly! I can appreciate their look and function, and plan to order more gifts.

Can't express enough thanks for the surprises!

Highly recommended, 5 stars.

Picture Perfect Powerful Personal Pyramids

Kevin - 02/17/2012

These pyramids are absolutely great. They are beautifully crafted and pack a powerfull punch. They are perfect in their function and make ideal gifts. Thank you so much for these extras. I will definitly be buying some of these now.


Brian - 02/06/2012

My daughter stayed home from school today, she was not feeling well and I knew the package was coming and I told her we had a package coming today, and she responded to me more rocks lol ? I got the package and she was curious what was in the package so she helped me open and take everything out. She loved the extras :-). Right away I noticed a mood shift in myself more noticeably my daughter. The Pyramids are wonderful Thank You.

God bless !!


Mike R. - 11/15/2011

I am somewhat sensitive to energy. After unboxing my personal pyramids yesterday, I felt a bit lightheaded and relaxed. The feeling lasted for a while after I left the area where I had my pyramids. Once I got back in close proximity to these orgone generators, I once again felt that lightheaded and fuzzy feeling. So something is indeed going on. These are beautifully made, and the extra gifts were much appreciated. Thank you Sensei!


Topher - 07/12/2011

I am surrounded by computers, cell phones, electric wires, etc. both at home and work. These pyramids are awesome. I noticed a difference right away. No more insomnia and I feel so much better. Thanks for extra gifts. Superb quality!


Nagib - 06/13/2011

Thank you sensei for these lovely pieces. I work nights shifts, which has effected my sleeping patterns significantly! I put a couple under my pillow, iv never slept better in years!! Also I take them to work where there are a many wireless routers, servers and noisy computers; I used to be plagued with headaches, not had one since. When concentrating about connecting with the orgonite , my mind is clearer and an all round sense of calmness is felt. Many Thanks keep up the good work!!


Sheika - 02/27/2011

These pyramids are beautiful! The craftmanship and energy emanating from them is of a very high quality. I felt a positive effect of calming of energies and upliftment in the vibration of my home. Thank you. Sharen


dawnbar - 01/16/2011

These are beautiful and add a sense of well-being when you are near them. I put two of them on a wooden tray in my cubicle at work and surrounded them with amethysts, citrine, and rose quartz, and I feel less stressed out when I am working now. I also put three of them on a shelf in my bookcase in my home office. Thank you Dennis!


Kenneth - 10/23/2010

Great Personal Pyramids. Great to Gift. Cost is real LOW! Thanks Again ... Orgone Crystals. Ken Bayless


Leroy - 07/30/2010

These are fantastic pieces of orgonite. These were my first purchase and will get some more for family members. Thank you Sensei!


Thomas - 04/14/2010

Received these orgonite crystals and gifted my room, electric grid around my house. Beautiful energy. Thanks orgone crystals

High Quality

Cathy W. - 12/14/2009

High quality orgone personal pyramids - You can really feel the positive energy from these !! Cathy W

BEst bang for your buck!

Marc - 08/02/2009

These are probably the best bang for the buck. Excellent as gifts or around the house. The energy coming out of these beauty's is amazing. The quality is top notch..really pretty pieces


Viper - 07/23/2008

Simply the best. And you can gift them to anyone, even if they are not aware of orgone ;) and they will feel it.


Snakeeyes - 12/01/2007

I love these personal pyramids, worth the cost. I would recommend them. Thank you very much Orgone Crystals.

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